How to focus on you?

When the energies are intense and you are feeling on fire but also tired. When you feel overwhelmed and it is draining you. Sometimes all is aligned for us to make a move towards a new direction. A move to create the change for yourself. It feels challenging because your mind is overload with thoughts and you have difficulties to see clearly.

We all go through these moments but we all deal with them differently. I realized how much all my moves to change created a new self support that allows me to experience life with compassion and resources to handle all situations.

Here is what I tell myself today:

I celebrate myself. Thanks to myself working on new healthy habits for years, I gained experience and ease in re-centering and grounding. I know how to establish peace inside my mind and body. My mind quietens and my body relaxes as I nurture myself. I created my own support. I’m proud of myself and I want to tell everyone about it.

How to get there…? Here a story for clarity:

You can support yourself. You can make the changes you say you want for yourself.

Sometimes we stuck ourselves in shitty behaviors. I mean the ones that don’t support your expansion. We block ourselves. It’s very simple, you’re the only one trapping yourself with your thoughts. Ahah! You little devil!

We could go on and on about the why of these behaviors but that’s not my intention here. You can play with your demons and angels without me.

What I propose is seeing yourself with the eyes of expansion and growth.

What do I want for myself? What life do I want for myself? How do I want to feel everyday?

Answer these questions from a place of abundance. A place where you can go towards everything you desire.

Think positive for yourself.

Do you want a loving you? A loving partner? A loving home? A loving career?

Loving because you love it and it loves you too which means you feel good in who you are, where you are, with who you are and what you are doing.

Write it down for yourself.

Say “shhh” to the voice inside doubting, finding the worst, making it complicated. Say no for a moment to the devil inside of you to allow yourself to listen to your intuition.

Allow yourself to dream your own dream. The beautiful reality you’d love for yourself right now.

Observe all the behaviors that are stopping you from that and discipline yourself to swap them for healthier behaviors.

You are doing it for yourself. Let’s be clear here, it is you for yourself.

Teach yourself how to love and nurture yourself.

Celebrate every step forward in your new discipline with loving thoughts for yourself.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live your dreams. You deserve to be yourself.

You deserve to be loved for who you are.

Stop limiting yourself. Stop not doing for yourself. Cut off the non-loving behaviors off your life for good. And let everyone know you’re doing it because that’s inspiring. Share and express. Inspire and be inspired! That’s cool to grow together.


Another tip: when you see a mirror, look at yourself with love and talk to yourself with loving words.

I am beautiful

I deserve love

I’m doing it now!

Create your beautiful self with self-discipline that makes you feel good for real. Not the easy instant gratification that does not do the trick overtime. You know exactly what I’m talking about…

Yes this one…Out!


You deserve the best behavior for yourself.

You can do it!

I deserve to be loved for who I am

More inspiration:

Enjoy now,

I love you and support you on your journey 😘


One thought on “How to focus on you?

  1. wonderful;
    Funny we passed the same full moon experience!
    waht to do in these days, stay cloe to yourself, don’t take to much action and fly down 🙂
    aal the best to you

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