How to: Write your sleeping dreams

Writing your dreams is a great way to remember them.

What is in our unconscious comes to light when we express ourselves.

To initiate this process of remembering your dreams, you need to create the habit of bringing them to your consciousness when you’re awake. For that you need to train your body to express what it experienced.

What you need: a notebook and a pen (easy 😉)

How you’re doing:

When you wake up after your sleep, first thing you do is take the pen and notebook and write. Take the position of writing.

What happens:

You may write pages or just a few words, it will depends of the days. Especially when you start, your pages might not be filled up and it’s ok. You’re starting a new practice so allow the timespace for yourself to learn how to express. Day after day your body is going to get used to express when it wakes up, and your mind too. Because you are creating this specific spacetime to express what happened the hours before, the hours you were not awake.

Remember it’s a process. So allow it to evolve by practicing day after day.

If you want it, do it.

Experience the process.

More inspiration:

Love 💖

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