Workshops & Circles

Every moment with me is guiding you to learn how to center and ground yourself. It is focused on here and now. We work with what is to create what we want.

I offer you spirituality integrated in practicality.

My intention is for you to become your own creator. And for this to happen, I have many creative ways.

I am a translator of languages of wisdom which means I am working with many techniques and languages. So, let me know what is attracting you, what you want to learn and we will co-create the workshop adapted to your needs and wishes.

What I am passionate about:

– Women Circles & Moon Goddess Ceremonies

– Voice Medicine Circles

– Own your mind and Embrace your emotions. (How to be your own commander and be empowered by your emotions)

– Develop your psychic powers.

– Natural Hygiene and Healing (make your own cosmetics and cleansing products, herbal care, healthy habits, energy work, etc.)

– Unlock your Creative Flow & Break Free (you move your body/mind and release what’s resisting)

– Communicate with your body (We learn about different languages, with special focus on Chakras)

– Own your presence (We feel our vibration and learn how to clarify it and tune it)

I am flowing around the world teaching and guiding to our new way of living. Contact me to meet me or if you have any questions.

I love you and support you on your journey 🙏


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