Spiritual Journey & Lightworker Counselling

We are energy incarnated in a physical body living a physical experience on planet earth. You are vibration. To feel whole, we have to accept our vibrational self. We are part of the whole and every part is unique.

You are unique.

We are nature and we are all growing our own way. We are the same because every one of us is special.

I want you to become your own master. I want you to feel your energy and allow yourself to flow with love.

Know that you are supported and loved no matter what.

We have been conditioned to think separation and it shows in everything we do. It seems like we are always looking to differentiate. The general movement is going outwards and it is dispersing us from our center.

Let’s re-connect.

My mission is to bring you back inside of yourself. I am here to guide you home. Home being your heart, your center, your body and all your surroundings. As what’s outside reflects what’s inside.

We start from your center.

We are projecting who we are so if we come from a place of inner strenght and self care everything we express will vibrate that.

I see the general mechanisms at play. I have the ability to clarify incoherences and blockages.

I guide you to break free.

To own your mind.

To be your own healer.

To be in love with who you are.

To free your magic.

A moment with me is life changing.

I offer you a breakthrough. You open and expand your consciousness. You step into your own way of being, breaking free from patterns and conditionings. With me, you drop the pressure and the judgment, you stop looping in the fixated cycles of fear, guilt and shame. I will show you the way and give you tools and tricks, then you are the one doing the work step by step, day by day. You create yourself.

Life is a process and every step we take is our creation to appreciate.

When we meet, I embrace you with my loving presence. My clarity cleanse your vibrational self as we are talking your spirit through. I channel the divine love to wake up your heart.

Awaken to your self-love

We work on your mind-body and your spiritual body.

We usually chat for a bit then I lay you down to work directly on your energy body.

Whoever you are and whatever you are looking for, I am your person.

Expect me to be direct and tell you truthfully what I see in you. Expect to face yourself.

My way is to go deep to cleanse all that need to be clarified. I care for the details. I know it’s not easy and that is why I am here holding you while you dive deep inside your darkness.

Our darkness is our center and it is supposed to be our nurturing place. So we do that, we nurture you to rebirth feeling held and care for.

Everyone is unique therefore every session is unique as I adapt to you here and now.

I propose freedom, compassion and magic.

One session with me as its own timing.

  • Private consultation: 2 hours (physical meeting)
  • Home Immersion: half-day, full day to a few days living with you.
  • Online counselling: I work online with you only if we have met for a session physically.

Wherever you are in your self journey: you are starting to focus on your self-development and need to clarify your way, you have been working on yourself for a bit and need guidance for a new step, you are a lightworker/healer/therapist and would like to go to the next level, I can be your teacher.

When you contact me, let me know why you’re coming to me and we will decide together of the best way to meet and work.

Contact me here.

I love you,


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