Women circles

A moment in timespace with your sisters to share, to be held and to love.

We are gathering in a safe space where you feel supported to drop the pressure and allow yourself to release.

Our societies and cultures have many categories for women, I always felt stuck with the general views about what it meant to be a woman. History and expectations make it complicated for us to find our path.

I wish to offer you a space where you feel safe to be you and feel free to share your feelings.

History tells us that our recent past has been difficult, for all of us. We have been restrained and contained. We had to hide to be ourselves and the common mindset made us believe we were wrong to embrace our powers. We were being mistreated and miscalled. Words defining our essence have been diabolised by religions and governments.

Accepting myself and embracing my feminity has been a journey of healing and acceptance. I am now here to reflect your beauty.

No matter the words, the categories, the stories, the judgments, you are perfect the way you are.

I am a witch, a sorceress, an enchantress, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a guide, a priestess, a holy being, a goddess, a sexual being,

I am a woman.

The feminine and masculine are interconnected, we are inter-weaving both of our sides into the unique being we are.

Let’s break free from the conditions of the past, we are here to show ourselves and be in harmony with who we are.

Let’s focus on you and me as women. It’s your personal mission to embrace who you are. So let’s be women among women!

That’s what I propose during a women circle.

We unite in a circle like our ancestors were doing. We feel safe, support each other and grow stronger together.

A woman circle is a place for each one of us to simply be.

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