I am a Magic Unicorn

The Jellyfish and the Unicorn go to a party!

September 1st 2018, I am launching my new website: Magic Unicorn Wisdom. A nonsense but making sense. A name to show myself online. Here is my story of a moment of unicorn magic and one explanation of why I am a wise magic unicorn 🙂

Because it’s fun!

I love questioning and breaking patterns. I became tense with seriousness and over-analysing everything. Life is fun and I don’t understand why I have been dwelling in heaviness for years. I don’t have to understand to accept who I was but day by day I made the choice to live the life I wanted to be part of.

So I questioned  myself: What do I love doing? What did I use to love doing? What are my passions? What makes me laugh?

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Not easy to answer…I always had this question about my passions and always thought I had no passions. Observing this now makes me laugh. I was going for it not knowing what it was. I guess at the time my passion was looking for it and I was spinning in my brain and analyzing everything. As long as I remember, I was aware of my curiosity for life, that’s what took me all over the world. I am passionate about how people live, all of them ahah. My passion is life. That’s an answer I like 🙂 Therefore I create it the way I enjoy it.

How unicorns came into my life?

I remember this day at home in Cambodia, my friend Kristel was organising an animal costume party. My friend Brooke was coming to mine before crossing the dirt road to go to Kristel’s. She arrived looking glorious in a tuk-tuk. Yes, we always look glorious in a tuk-tuk. Big hug, big smile. Finally she is unveiling the mystery about her awesome costume idea: a jellyfish ahah. Brooke is the best of herself at every moment. She goes for it with a laugh and enjoys the ride. Here she is in my living area with on her head a turquoise inflatable donut on which she tapped strips of blue bin bag and a couple of torch lights. It does the trick she does look like a jellyfish!


What am I gonna go as? I usually surprise myself by doing the unexpected at the last minute. I don’t recall in details of this magical event but I was suddenly in my kitchen looking for foil and a piece of carton to make myself a corn to be a unicorn. It happened. Honestly I have no idea how the unicorn came to me but here I was making unicorn sounds flowing around my space.

National Geographic would be proud of the documentary we made of the jellyfish and the unicorn. Thank you Brooke and Kristel. More laughing here.(the video)

This is my first memory of my life as a unicorn…a woo woo unicorn!

I adopted this idea of the unicorn because it’s a mystical animal and no one really seems to know what it is or where it comes from. There are many names and stories about them. I also observed that unicorns make people smile. It calls out your inner child. That’s enough for me: let’s be a unicorn and make people smile.

My brother asked me why I added magic to the unicorn because unicorns are magic already…

Because I like the word magic! It brings people in this insane dimension where everything is possible. Magic is also seen as far away from us, we find it in fantasy movies or kids’ stories or it’s a performer of tricks and illusions. I don’t agree with that vision. Magic for me is in everything, life is magic. I am a magician creating reality. My inner child is enjoying it all.

A magic unicorn is whoever you want to be; It is who you are now.

That’s what I want for everyone: to be who they are.

Surprise! You are now a magic unicorn too!

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I love you,


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