Who am I?

Océanie Albrand Healer

I am Océanie,

Medicine Woman

Transformional Healer

Spiritual Teacher

Multidimensional Guide

Self-Care Guru

Joyous Creative

I spent a lifetime diving deep within myself, discovering traditions of the world and practicing with energy and spirits, to be who I am today. I wish to share with you some of my story for you to feel me with more clarity. Thank you for receiving me as an evolutive magic human being :

I was born in Paris, France, when the sun was in Leo and the moon in Capricorn, and raised in the suburbs with my family. I received my education in both public and private catholic schools, which has its importance in my self-development. From a young age, my spirit was strong and I always expressed my curiosity to understand how us, humans, were functioning. My passion for questioning what I was told to learn lead me to read and study about many subjects. I wanted more.

After highschool, I went to university to study Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology. I wanted to explore about our psyche and the self. Five years of studies later, I left university disappointed in the vision of our modern psychology, it didn’t align with how I was feeling. I felt constricted where I was and my heart was desiring something new, so I left France to follow my call to explore our world. I traveled and immersed myself in many cultures. I opened my mind to new ways which took me on a journey of self-transformation.

On my path of freedom, I was met with shamanism, reiki, crystals, numerology, astrology, chakras, yoga, meditation, spirits, ayurveda, massage techniques, buddhism, taoism, traditional chinese medicine, aromatherapy, herbal care, etc. I immersed myself in ancient traditions and systems of belief. I opened myself to a holistic and energetic perpective. I experienced our multidimensionality and unlocked my self in ways I didn’t know were possible. For more than 17 years, I dived deep within myself to clear out all blockages and stuck emotions, I re-designed my mind and harvested my powers.

I always followed my heart and trusted the guidance of the voice of love and wisdom in my mind. It took me on a deep healing journey from which I birthed as my own master.

I am now creating my life with passion, love and joy.

Everyday I experience the magic of life.

While transforming, I was initiated to guide our collective’s healing and the rebirth of our society. It is my path in this life and I am dedicated to lead the way to our self manifestation with passion.

My life story is my foundation and I am here to guide you on your own healing and self realization journey.

I wish to serve you in the way you deserve.

I am grateful to be here with all of you,

May you feel free and loved.

I love you,


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