Who am I without my tools?

Nowadays we have access to so much stuff, we end up loosing ourselves in this stuff.

Our identity comes from our inside.

Are you taking the time to be with your self?

Life is inviting us to be with ourselves. To take the time to enjoy our own presence.

Date yourself.

Really it’s simple. When you enjoy your own company you develop the ability to appreciate the other’s presence.
I want to focus on this other. I mean another human being. But what I can observe from many is this other is a phone. I see people meeting each other and not spending time together because there is always a screen in between.

Do you remember before the smartphones? We used to live without and life was happening perfectly.

Our phones are wonderful tools but we are not using them wisely. They are becoming our identity and I refuse to let that happen to myself.

We have the power to choose how we use our tools. And let’s remember that they are only tools. You are who you are no matter your clothes or your technology. you source of love and magic is within you.

Tools are tools.

Our tools are only here to help and support us in our actions.

I choose to us me tools and not be used by them.

In my life, I have experienced with and without all my tools. I detach from the need to appear in conformity with the status quo, I set rules with my phone, I learn how to live with what I have when I have it and be happy about that.

Our abundance is everywhere, it is for us to receive it.

I care for my freedom therefore I act for it.

Not having my phone doesn’t stop me from communicating,

Not having toilet paper doesn’t stop me from being clean,

Not having a kitchen, doesn’t stop me from eating,

Not having electricity doesn’t stop me from living.

We are who we choose to be.

Who are you naked and raw ?

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