Which direction are you going to?

Today I am sharing with you how I see the signs and translate them into messages. It happens naturally and each new language I’m learning offers me a wider view on myself and the whole. Also I’ve been feeling called to share about how I see so step by step coming out…😉

When our intention is clear, the signs are clear. When our vision is set with intention, the path is showing itself to us. Learn how to notice the signs to translate them into a message to support your growth. Every sign has its own language and all languages are connected so let’s chat about numbers, our calendar, astrology, the moon and connect them into a clear message for ourselves.

Today we are in December, last month of the 2018 year. Wow a full year of realisations and accomplishments! And soon a new one starting!!

I’m allowing myself to daydream about what I want for this next year.

Today the sun is in Sagittarius, represented by the element of fire and the symbol of an arrow. Also it’s said to be a mutable sign. What mutes can transform into anything. Fire is action so with Sagittarius we feel like we can do everything. That’s awesome! So my question is what do you want to act for?

Today the moon is in Sagittarius too. The moon seen as our moods is asking us how we feel about each direction we are in, are taking or want to take.

What am I feeling about what I’m doing?

When sun and moon are in the same house, we call it a new moon. The moon is starting a new cycle with the sun from our point of view on earth. Both sun and moon feeling and doing the same. That sounds like harmony….so are my action in harmony with how I feel? Am I feeling good in what I’m doing for myself?

Today is the seventh. A number that seeks forward. I see someone standing and pointing towards a direction. Like a lighthouse. Visualize yourself as a lighthouse: stand straight and spin your head and gaze at what’s in front of you. As well, when you are walking, where do you look at? Many things here again….


Today in my personal life, I am visiting the life I am letting go, I am physically in Cambodia, knowing where I am heading to, I have my settling date in Thailand where I found a home for now.

These facts are all telling me stories. And my message comes out of all that I experience right now with the knowledge of the past and the vision of the future.

So today I wanted to share with you that all that you are looking for is here with you. You simply need to observe what’s happening. What are the facts?

Now is a time for all of us to reflect on what we are letting go in order to welcome the new. We’ve been chatting about that: for the new to come, what doesn’t serve the new has to be released.

It makes sense 😉

My question is: what is your vision?

What do you see for yourself in the future? What are you aiming for?

For the arrow to strike, it has to be aimed at the goal.

It’s not about controlling the path, it’s about mastering the direction.

Now is a timespace for you to listen to what you want inside. To listen to what you are dreaming about because your dreams are the vision.

Without the fear. Without the guilt. Without the shame. Without the blame. Without the anger. Without the resistance.

Now you see it.

Stand proud of your vision and aim for it.

Act towards the realisation of your wildest dreams.

Follow your heart.

Happy everything!!

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 😘🙏💖🦄


About the picture: I went to the local neighborhood shop yesterday and observed myself gazing at the ice creams…then the wow moment happened! There is a UniCornetto!!! And it’s pink!a pink waffle Cornetto! This is ridiculously awesome! Someone did it! If one can realise the unicorn ice cream with the cool name, you can realise your own dream. I believe in that! 😘

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