Moon Cycle – What is new moon?

Aloha seekers of wisdom,

At new moon, the moon is in the same sign as the sun. The lunar phase cycle is 29.5 days: every 29.5 days, the moon meets the sun.

I’ve started to learn more about our sky and how it is all organized up there and it helps me to personify all of them. So Miss Moon and Mister Sun are meeting every time the moon completes a cycle and begins a new one. It’s nice she is next to her partner and from our earthy point of view, the moon is not reflecting the sun’s light. She is even named the black moon. If you enjoy playing with perspectives and dimensions, I invite you to imagine Miss moon’s point of view or Mister Sun’s one when aligned, it’s a funny game!

Evolution of the cycles

When we are in a new moon phase, it is a time of completion and renewal. When I think completion, I usually want to observe the “before” completion. What do I complete if I don’t take a moment to observe what I’ve been doing?

Let’s do that!

Last new moon – Let’s observe what happened since last new moon which is the time of the cycle from beginning to end. last new moon was around a month ago: Where was I physically? My state of mind? My emotional state?

Last full moon – Another point of observation is last full moon. The full moon is in between two new moons, it’s the middle of the moon’s cycle. Last full moon was two weeks ago: Where was I physically? My state of mind? My emotional state?

You observed two moments of your past. Now, you can observe yourself in a continuity of time. Observing does not mean telling yourself you’ve been bad or good. Observing means observing: I stand here & now and I notice the differences between two moments of my past and their continuity.

Now – With this new knowledge about your own cycle, let’s observe you now: Where am I physically and emotionally? What’s my state of mind?

And again, I take a moment to observe the continuity. Now I have three points of view of myself and the relationship between them. This is observing yourself. From all this work on yourself, you now gained new knowledge.

Guidance of the moon

Following the guidance of the moon to observe yourself is wise. I personally love following myself in rhythm with the moon cycle, it supports my growth.

It gives us a supportive and easy way to one thyself. Easy because the sky is always here and everyday we can observe how we are cycling and how the moon is moving around us. No need to have an agenda or think about the date, the sky is our calendar.


Remember wisdom comes from experience.

I love you and support you on your journey,

Océanie ♥

On the picture: Perspectives from the Tao oracle and Goddess oracle.

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