What is the Ego #1 – Me & My Ego

A series of articles about the concept of Ego: observing and exploring what is this Ego.

In the Greek language, Ego means I. Greek people go along their days talking about themselves using the word Ego.

The ego is myself.

So why are we referring to the ego as this other one inside our heads?

I personally started to refer to this voice telling me stories in my head to “the other”. The other was the one comparing, misjudging, negating, pressuring me. It was the side of the coin I was tired to listen to. Then I called this “other” my ego or the ego. I don’t remember in details how the concept of the ego came to me but it did and I adopted it. So ego or I, it’s the same.

Our ego is not something we need to get rid of or ignore. It’s part of us. It is who you are. Our ego, our self wants to be heard. That’s why it can be very loud. Ego is asking you to listen to yourself.

I listen to myself

The words in your head are here to show you how you translate your feelings and how you perceive the world; your inside and your outside

You express to yourself with what’s called the ego.

It’s interesting to see this ego as a separate being because it allows us to detach from one way of thinking. The ego is often associated with negativity and self judgment. So creating a separation from that allows us to take a step away from ourselves. It gives us a new point of view on what we think.

I invite you to observe your inner voice and listen to it.

I invite you to consider it as a whole and listen to its messages.

Create a flow of transmitting and receiving within your own mind. And as you would do with a friend, question your thoughts. Would it be possible to think differently?

Your ego is yourself expressing. You want to address yourself. If what your ego says is bothering you, it means you need to work on yourself to create more coherence within.

I am my ego.

Remember you are your own master.

Ego love you,

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