Welcoming the new

Aloha lovers,

Gazing at the dark sky, waiting for the moon to make her entrance from behind the mountain. I am enjoying now. I am riding this time of transition with confidence. Bless me.

We are all going through a transition. We are experiencing a universal transformation. We are in the turn now.

It’s time to make our decisions on how we want to see our lives.

You want positive so see positive.

What we want is a positive new. To access this positive new, we need to go towards it. Aiming for the new is seeing new. How can you see the new if you look with your old?

Put yourself in your new eyes, see positive.

Yes go for the positive. Train your mind and stretch your body.

We hold our blocks in our body therefore flowing with our bodies is a release. Stretch, dance, swim, play with your movements. Let your body free.

Take care of yourself.

Allow yourself to breathe better. Allow your body to feel healthy.

Our mind sees it all and controls it all. So it’s important to focus on it as well. Whatever you see, choose the positive. Choose to trust yourself. If you’re learning to feel your body, learn to use your mind for the best.

Train your body and your mind together. They work together and they both need cleansing. Connect.

Create the new you step by step.

If you feel lost, that’s the old you looking. Now see yourself discovering the unknown. Of course you don’t know your way yet but you know who you are and your direction. Let it flow. Explore. Play.

The new can’t be known in advance. The new is always surprising. It’s new! 😁

Allow yourself to receive it. Allow yourself to receive your own love. When you take the timespace to care for yourself, you are receiving from yourself. Bless you.

Open your mind.

Open your heart.

Enjoy yourself now 😍

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey 🙏💖🦄🕉️

Picture taken from Zen beach, Koh Panghan, Thailand

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