Weekly Energy Guidance Video – 20-26 April 2020

The sun is ingressing Taurus (19/20th) and there is also a New Moon (in Taurus, with the sun).

A new chapter begins…

Here is my weekly video where I translate for you the energies I receive into a guidance.

I also share the messages in written words, so you can access two different ways of expressing how it feels now.

Many of us have been in quarantine for three weeks or more, the energetic wave is flowing through us and creating intense energies that we all feel. The virus is one expression of this energetic tsunami, but the true question to ask yourself is:

How do I feel?

Maybe you’ve been feeling up and down, in and out and it’s ok. The energies are intense and they are shaking us. The challenge is to self-care no matter what.

Accept how you feel and flow with self-love.

Seeing your vulnerabilities showing up day by day is challenging. We are living extraordinary times and all is unknown. Of course every moment is new but right now it is a worldwide transition. It puts the unknown in the spotlight. The unknown is the darkness, it is not seen unless we step into it with our light. Tomorrow can’t be predicted, it can only be experienced.

It is not easy to do something new because we are not used to it, simply. It is challenging to step into the unknown all together and to secure our path, nourishment is the key. By being aware of myself and caring for my now needs, I allow myself to go forward safe and strong. Why? Because I go with my whole. If you separate some parts of you, you feel incomplete and you create a sense of scarcity. (“I am missing this”, “I want to be there instead of here”). Watch your thoughts.

Abundance is infinite.

Observe what you are projecting to the unknown. From what you observe you will have the clues to understand what’s going on inside of you. This period is awesome for assessing our own relationship with our darkness.

Care for your whole.

Discipline your head. Your mind is the commander so go up there and bring some focus in your thoughts. Strenghtening your mind will support your whole.

Focus on here and now. Allow your thoughts to express into action. Align your mind and your body.

Whatever the outside, it is time to come inside of you and clarify your why’s and how’s. Where energy flows, it cleanses on its way so big detox for all of us: declutter, release, reassess, review, rest, recharge, …

I create my space.

You take your own space and you do that by setting your boundaries. First with yourself and from your strong center. Then, your outside will reflect what you set for yourself.

Remember you are an energy being. You are spirit incarnated in matter therefore set your energetic  boundaries: your psychic and your physical.

Your freedom is rooted in your self-discipline.

Soon we will all be coming out of our homes, this is going to be a big wave of energy because it is all of us together coming out. So it’s important to take the time now to set your inner boundaries.

You are responsible for yourself.

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