We are infinite……WOW…….

Aloha Lovers ♥️,

I am inspired by our sky. Observing the situation and interaction of the planets is showing me infinity of wisdom. I see the signs and receive the messages guided by astrology. Here is another message I share with you.

Be strong in your center and allow your inner light to shine bright and express itself generously through your unique creation of being.

I’m fueling my energy with my excitation of this unique moment. A moment flowing and evolving to open our heart to the extraordinary of life.

Every moment is a unique expression of life’s creation and it’s already extraordinary. And believe that there is always more extraordinary to come because at every moment we are creating the new, at every moment new light is shining through our life.

Can extraordinary be more than it is? Or do we open our eyes more to experience more fully what is?

I observe the beauty of the macro noticing the harmony of the micro.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

My eyes are opening more to the light that is. It feels like more at every moment and from my human point of view it is more. From my soul point of view it is a feeling of freedom. When my eyes open, my heart opens and my soul has more space to express itself. Not only to express but also to be seen as what it is: pure love, pure light.

When I open my eyes to the extraordinary, I observe my own extraordinary.

Love, light, soul, spirit, nature all infinite.

As a human, the idea of infinity can trigger some difficulties.

Well my body seems to have limits. Am I not dying one day?

Yes but does it mean you’re not infinite?

As part of nature we are flowing in cycles. Like a plant seeding, sprouting, growing, blossoming, changing then dying to rebirth again and again and again. It doesn’t rebirth always in the same shape we saw it once but it does revive as nature cycles with its dance of endings and beginnings.

Now observe your body. A seed has been planted, your body has sprouted into an embryon then a foetus. Coming out as a baby who then grows as a child, grows as a bigger child grows as an elder and transforms as it ages. Then the body dies and slowly decomposes back into earth to rebirth another time in a different shape. And again and again and again…. Humans are always dying and birthing.

Isn’t it magic?

And there is more, nature is always creating new and different, it never stops. It’s incredible.

Aren’t you amazed by the endless creation of life?

We can see this eclipse as a reminder of the extraordinary of our nature.

Remember who you are, a part of this wow nature always flowing and changing.

Remember to look outside at the plants, the trees, the animals, the clouds, the sun, the moon, the sky and at the other humans.

We are all connected and evolving together as one extraordinary symphony of life.

All of us as part of this one creation that is earth.

I accept my beauty and I allow myself to be.

I accept my beauty and I see the other’s beauty.

I accept my beauty and I know I am infinity.

I am, you are, we are infinite so let’s open up and welcome the new surprising us!

Enjoy your new beginning.

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I love you,

Océanie 💖

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