TravelOce – I ran through the airport for love

I ran through the airport to hug my friend one more time. I did it out of love and passion for our connection. Life is full of adventures!

We were like in the romantic movie when one runs through the airport to give one last kiss. My lover, here my soul sister Mia, waited until the last call and when she saw me running in the hall, she ran towards me and we hugged with the security line between us. Epic!

Love doesn’t have borders.

Now that I experienced the ultimate romantic gesture I can tell you it is not like in the movies. Running through an airport is exhausting. First you have to find your way through the bright maze of shops where you might get lost in consumption. But love is clear and strong and can direct your way through chaos.

After, visualize images of a video game. You are the character running while obstacles are thrown your way : kids, wheeled luggages, lost tourists, shopping zombies and airport carts! I could hear the little music playing in my head as I was slaloming my way to my love.

And then comes the moment for you to realize that you are not the sprinter you thought you were. I started to huff and puff and had to slow down to catch my breath. With exhaustion calling you in, crazy ideas appear in your mind. Should I take a cart to wheel my way to the gate? Should I borrow this man’s wheelchair? or maybe the baby trolley? My reason told me to not start acting like a maniac, I am in an international airport after all.

I am usually the most discreet and calm traveller when I am in an airport. By discreet I mean I just go to a quiet space where I can settle until my flight. You know, the usual, unrolling my yoga mat, taking my ukulele out and having a laugh at myself for the pleasure of it. But today, I am running for love and it feels truly empowering.

Taking direct actions to show you care for someone feels good. I focused all my strength to make it on time to hug her before she hopped on her flight back home.

And life supported us because I got there just on time. Yes, like in the movies, because movies are based on real life (yes they are).

A timeless and priceless hug!

Then I sat down to catch my breath. What a laugh!

I enjoy playing with what is and I learn that it’s about me being willing to appreciate every moment to enjoy what life has to offer.


Experience created in Denpasar airport – Bali, Indonesia, end of January 2020.

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