TravelOce 13/8/2020 – Colac Bay, Southland, NZ

The puddle is of great wisdom. I experienced it in action this morning. The situation happened, all flowed beautifully and I was part of it.

The campervan parked on the side of the camping space got its back wheels rolling within the puddle and shooting muddy water all over. Yes I am watching.

I enjoy sitting at home, inside my van, and observing the world flow. The weather, the seashore, the birds and the humans create an awesome show. I am playing like a spy or a scientist hidden in its refuge. The thing is I am in the middle of the carpark and my van is loudly a rental from a company which logo is in bright orange all over. I even have bright orange sleeping bags! Therefore I am aware that I am here and everyone can see me.

I am delighted by the psychedelic aspect of my situation. I am playing the game of life in bright colours. I invite you to visualise me: I am tall, wearing sparkly pink gum boots, a bright pink fluffy robe with a hood and a light pink beanie* with kiwi written on it and kiwi shapes printed on it. I am not what we can categorize as discreet.

So here I am, stepping out of my van, in style, making the guys in the other van understand that I’m coming to help and push if needed.
I am laughing, what a cool moment!

A few moves later, their van is on the dry land ready to take the road up north. We have a chat where I express with excitement my joy for a few places I’ve visited on their way. I get excited and
We say bye and they hop in to soon drive off. I realise one more time how every one of my steps is awesome and worth consideration.

The puddle is still here, it is relfecting the bright grey sky now.

Sometimes we feel stuck and we simply need to take a step outside to see with clarity. And when clarity feels like confusion, I usually stay where I am with what I have. I trust life is flowing and perfect timing will do its magic.

It took patience to get where I am and I am proud of who I am here and now.

Hey, I worked my magic to create my winter fashion!

I enjoy it here in Colac Bay, it’s west of the mini town of Riverton and the bigger town of Invercargill, and I am parked close to the water.

I do me now.

Chat soon,

I love you,


*A beanie is a type of hat that sticks to your head, it’s very common in New Zealand and it is great to protect your head, ears included, from the winds.

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