TravelOce 11/8/2020 – Riverton, New Zealand

The winds are crazy, the rain is pouring, the waves are smashing on the rocks and the cows are gently grazing. Life offers us the most random situations, harmony can be found in every moment.

I am comfortably nestled in blanckets and cushions inside my campervan. The sun rays are lightly showing through the clouds. Clouds from the sky or humidity raising from the sea, I don’t know, all seems to be mixed up in this stormy weather. Humans are inside enjoying their cosy home during this winter forecast but animals are outside playing with the elements. I am always amazed by the seagulls who seem to effortlessly play with the winds. I think the cows are shaking less than my van because I feel on a boat at sea inside here.

I arrived to the South coast of the Southern Island yesterday evening. I could feel the wind blow before the see was at sight. The van was swaying on the road so much it made me question the pressure of my tyres. I actually went to check today and my tyres are all good, it is the wind that makes me go in all directions while the route is going straight forward.

My heart jumped when I saw the ocean, it has been two weeks now I am travelling through mountains and lakes and I am thrilled to be reunited with the wilderness of the sea. I can feel the ocean roaring and it feels empowering. The strenght of the elements at play is sparking excitement within me. I stopped the car and went outside to be part of this crazyness. Arms up and legs strongly planted on the ground, I am feeling alive.

I spent my first night on the coast at Monkey Island. I parked along the beach to enjoy sunset. This bay is facing west which was perfect to enjoy my first sunset show in the south. I am blessed to have arrived here after kilometers on the road. I am touching the southern seas.

Today I drove to Riverton, a small town on the coast. It is made of a few streets and houses along the coast. I walked on the main street exploring the place. There is an opp shop with a free container on its doorstep, an envirronement shop which sells local and organic produces as well as explains about the initiatives taken to sustain local gardening, a tourist center with a lovely lady and views on the wetlands, a few cafés, a library and a piano on the side of the road. The piano is tuned. I sat on the stool and practiced what I’m learning. I am not playing fluently but each time I come across a piano, I practice. Learning is about experience.

I drove back towards the west to settle for the night on Colac Bay. You are welcomed by a big sculpture of a surfer surfing a wave. Colac Bay is surfers paradise. In this weather, only a kite surfer is playing on the water. I sit a moment to gaze at it. I learned how to kite surf in Koh Phangan Thailand many months ago and I am dreaming to do it again. Obviously I need some practice before kiting in the winter waters and a warm dry suit!

I am now in the maximum of the storm with wind blasts of 40knots. It seems that I arrived on the beach for the storm. Life always guides me to be where I am safe on time. It is awesome to be here and now. This reminds me of northern France where the beach seems infinite and the winds are blasting sand on your face. I feel in my comfort zone in this weather. Living many years in the tropics got me accustomed to the windy storms as well. At least here no bricks are falling off the sky and my roof doesn’t threaten to blow off.

I have been focused on coming to the south for weeks now and here I am. My whole is filled with joy and I am excited by all I experience here and now.

Another day on earth, another moment in paradise.

To be continued…

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