A space of transition: ending with beginning

Aloha Lovers ♥️,

Feeling tired and allowing myself to slowdown. My choice is clear and my move is on. Embracing peace of mind as I follow my call. I am here sharing with my soul. 🙏

How to handle the transition? When we are being asked to let go of the past. How to let go and step into the new feeling love?

How are you feeling?

It’s intense, it’s confusing, it’s weird…

Wow we are living a deep change. Your transformation is happening. You can feel it in your body and your energy.

Do you feel the sadness?

We are grieving the past, letting our past self free. Free of anger, free of guilt, free of shame.

I am not attaching any tension to my past self. I forgive my past self for it all. Its mistakes and falls. I observe I stood back up and grew wiser each time life challenged me.

Yes. I forgive myself and everyone else.


You are in the in between time, the transition space. A moment to say goodbye from your past with compassion. Releasing the hard judgements to end seeing only love.

Your end is your beginning.

How I end is how I begin.

How you see your past is how you step into your future.

So stepping yourself free from the blocked chains of your vision of the past is transforming your vision of your ending. The feeling has been shaped as sadness in your mind but now you know it’s a joy of accomplishment.

I congratulate myself for being who I am today. I experienced my life and I see it in beautiful ways. I am growing in love with myself.

Set yourself free of the negativity by creating the positivity. Experiencing both dualities guides us to our harmony.

If you feel in between too, stop the chitchat in your mind. Ground yourself. Walk in nature and observe the sky. Come back here and now and this will allow your mind to slow down.

Meditate, contemplate, daydream.

I am present.

End in love, start in love.

Follow the guidance of your center, your core, your heart. This is your soul expressing itself and letting you know the next step.

It’s big and can trigger fear and anxiety. But really? Isn’t it excitement?

I am excited to step into my destiny.

What I want. I know it, it’s in the whispers of my heart. It’s now time to dive through the portal of my dreams becoming my reality. Yes, you are going for it 😉

Enjoy this time to nurture yourself.

Experience your own care.

Breathe and trust yourself.

Breathe and trust your soul’s calling.

Breathe and trust (your) nature to guide you.

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I love you 💖

Océanie, your divine messenger.

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