What is the Ego #3 – The Voice of your Body

What we already chatted about the Ego #1 (here) and #2 (here):

My ego is my self.

My ego is a reflection of my way of thinking.

You are thoughts and physicality. Your body is your human earthy vessel and it has its own language too.

Your ego voice is reflecting your body’s state. Or we can say, your body expresses itself through your inner voice as well.

What I observe in my thoughts gives me clues on how my body feels. All is related.

So how what you think is connected to how you feel?

How your body’s language translates for your ego?

How do you learn from yourself?

Observing yourself is guiding you. When you address your inner voice by listening to it and accepting it, it opens up possibilities of transformation.

I am talking about ways of thinking. I mean there is a mechanism at play within us. And we are in control of this mechanism.

Mechanisms are great because they are predictable. I want you to see your mind as a big machinery producing thoughts. The way your thoughts are working reflects on everything in and out of yourself.

We were talking about our dualities and how we can create new points of views (#2 here). When we do that, it influences our body too.

How I treat myself inside projects outside.

If I am thinking of the worst, I create a possibility of the worst happening for me. Suddenly the worst is part of my life and it can take space in myself. So when somethin happens to me, the worst may come out.

The worst can be anger, fear, guilt, all non supportive ways of thinking.

For example: “I am stressed” shows tension in your mind and body: tense shoulders and jaw, maybe lower back pain, an overthinking mind, etc. If you repeat I am stressed or use it as your justification to how you feel, you create a loop in this “stress” feeling.

When your thoughts are opening and supportive, your behavior with yourself is showing that.

To create new, you change your thought pattern, you change your words and behaviors.

It will have the magical effect to open up to new possibilities of being.

Your ego is showing you loudly who you think you are and how you treat yourself.

It is voicing out how you perceive life. Your ego is not your enemy or your “bad” self. It is simply you. it is talking in ways for you to understand and listen to it therefore if you transform your mindset , you influence your ego talk.

Remember all is related and what your ego shows you is your whole. It simply expresses itself in words so work on your words.

We apply what we say. So choose wisely your stories.

Ego loves you,


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