Story – The choice to change myself

September 23rd 2018 – Otres, Cambodia – I’m swaying in a hammock on the lake at my friend’s. The sky is illuminated by the almost full moon and the crickets are singing peacefully. The Equinox happened and the sun is now in Libra. The moon is in Pisces now and I am inspired.

We’re going through a time of deep changes. All is happening and the choices are ours to make.

I’ve been dealing with uncertainties and a sort of instability this week. I’ve been feeling in limbo, in this in-between. It’s been weird… So as usual I kept my discipline of wellness. And it helped me to set free from the questionings and the doubts.

I see the changes happening but the directions seem uncertain. It can be overwhelming. Fear might arise. I feel the change but I have no idea what’s happening. What’s happening is a new beginning. May it be in our home situation, our relationships and/or our business. The new is unknown, it’s uncertain.

If you feel a bit scared, panicked, overwhelmed by what’s happening now, it’s ok.

Remember who you are and what you want from your life. Observe where you are now and make the decisions towards what you know you want. What’s happening tomorrow, we don’t known we can’t control but we can train ourselves to accept the situation with love and go on from that.

When I believe in the best for myself, I trust it’s happening for myself now.

Which means, whatever situation I am experiencing right now, I know it’s for my best.

What is my best? What is your best?

We decide that.

For me, being my best means being in harmony with myself: thinking and doing accordingly, opening my heart and following my dreams.

In practice, whatever happens, I choose to see love.

I’m doing my best at being me.

Being yourself is a choice you make at every moment.

If being your best doesn’t feel awesome, you might not be accepting your situation. You see when we accept how we feel now without guilt/shame/anything uncomfortable, It usually feels better.

Again it’s a choice. Every step we make is a choice we make. When we don’t control an outside situation it’s our choice to see it with an open heart and not with anger/shame/fear/guilt/anything uncomfortable.

Choices made my head spin this last week until I realized all is in my head and I already know my choice.

My choice is seeing only love.

Letting go of anger, guilt, shame, whatever keeps us attached to a past situation is what needs to be done. See all past negativity with a new eye. Allow yourself to learn from it and heal. Offer yourself forgiveness. Grow from who you were in the past.

Accept the chaos created by the destruction of the old and the construction of the new.

And let’s see what’s next!

It’s a new start and you’re gonna make the best out of yourself!

I love you and support you on your journey.


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