it’s magic you know it

Oce stepped into my life, as I was looking for someone to share my ride across the North Island of New Zealand. She hopped into my car and we connected instantly, sharing beautiful days on this journey…and what a journey, it was a transformational, magic, flow journey! Her joyful and loving energy is inspiring, healing and creative. She helped me to slow down, to focus, to appreciate the moment and trust the flow of life with gratitude of whatever life has to offer. She is a clairevoyant and intuitive soul who follows her heart. Especially in a time when the outside energies got more dense, Oce helped me to find and keep my inner connection, my balance and she reminded me, as simple as it is „I do me and you do you!“

I also had a sound healing session with her, which was powerful and releasing. A beautiful song that vibrated in my body and I felt the clearing of energies. She helped me to let go of tensions in my body and energy field and I felt lightness and clarity after that and the following week, helping to stay centered in the crazy times of pre-lockdown. Thank you, Oce for your guidance, your inspiration, your healing and support and being you!!

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