Coming out of the house of Aries where it was since the March equinoxe, our sun then is in transit in the house of Taurus (April 20th/19th- May 20th).

A new cycle begins, the wheel of life is turning.

Take a moment to assess the last cycle to enter clearer this new phase of your life.

How are you feeling now?

Evolving from Aries

Aries is an initiator of action: a thought is an act, I think I do. The change is happening, we can see it more as we are acting on it. All of us personnally creating a wave of change in our life. It is happening now for everyone at the same time. Because the change can come from our outside like it can be generated by our inside, it is happening both ways. It’s not about liking it or not, it’s about accepting and creating solutions.

Creativity is called for action. Aries is a creative fire initiating new actions.

*If you feel frustrated or bored or annoyed now, well it’s time to accept the feeling and go inward. All that you want to do, you can do now with what you have. Projecting towards the outside is not the solution because we are being asked to take charge for ourselves.

*If you feel stuck in your creative flow. Let go of your expectations and judgments. It’s simply a new time, the waves of energy are flowing through and if you allow yourself to be, you’ll see on time a new creativity flowing through you.

Abundance is now.

Into Taurus

This energy is now transiting into the house of Taurus, fixed earth sign.

The majestuous bull full of strenght, showing its power in its presence.

Have you faced a buffalo? The animal is not doing anything else but itself and it’s impressive, so impressive that you do not want to be on its way.

Have you lived or worked with a Taurus person? They usually set their mind to do something and simply do it, no matter the disturbances or circumstances. They are doing it now. The bull goes straight forward, it makes its way. It doesn’t hesitate or turn back. No, it just goes through. This is a superpower. As every power, comes a vulnerability. My strenght faces my vulnerability.

Observe where you have to let go of some confrontation/blockages to redirect your energy into a way that supports your strenght.

We are in the dimension of earth with Taurus. It’s a natural strength. It’s not thought about or needing extra to be. It is who you are now with what you have. And when you actually observe the main activity of a bull or buffalo, it is eating all day. It is nourishing its body. Because its body is its strenght.

My nature is my strenght.

Its strenght is supported by its dedication to nourishing itself. Its desire for nourishment is setting its direction.

I set my intention to nourish myself.

Our natural beauty

Our beauty is seen through our presence. Our beauty is in our own care.
The way we nourish ourselves is the key to our strenght. Look at the bull  eating all day and going at its own slow pace no matter what. It is doing itself.

Our beauty is in our nature.

Each one of us with our specialties. No matter the extra stuff, your essence is inside, your essence is in your natural nature.

The water buffalo is beautiful because its presence is strong. No matter how you look like, it is about how you feel like.

Your general energy vibrates your health.

How do I nourish my whole self? My physical self, my mental self and my spirit?


Our health is in our breath. A human not breathing is a dead human. Just the act of taking a deep breath can change everything. Do it, you’ll feel it.

How do you breathe? How much space do you breathe in?

The lungs are closely interconnected with our heart. My breathing is connected with my loving. It’s important now to physically breathe deeply, full lungs, everyday.

Mentally observe if you have space to breathe or if your head is cluttered with thoughts.

Spiritually, observe what you inspire and what your beliefs are. What is blocking your space? What is supporting your expansion?

Working with your whole will support your emotional flow.

Mending our hearts

As the focus is on our heart space, be gentle with yourself. There might be some heart pain coming up for you, some stories of the past you haven’t thought for a while. Some pleasuring and others painful. We are experiencing an extraordinary energetic time and this energy takes space and it’s pushing out stuff inside of us to clear our space.

Taurus season is about loving our nature. And it recquires us to accept who we are and our whole situation. No pressure, no judgments, only acceptance and love.

We are experiencing a deep emotional release. Your pains may flow out. Don’t resist them. Maybe you feel like crying, you feel tired, you feel moody, you feel hungry, you feel the need to be warm, etc. All unique. The only way to deal with it is to accept what’s happening. Do not judge or repress or condemn how you’re feeling. Simply care at the moment. Don’t expect the after. Do right here, right now. One step at a time like the bull.

I accept myself.

How to nourish your spirit?

Believe in the best outcome: Love, compassion, safety, community. Acknowledge all you see and choose to focus on the beauty.

Allow yourself to breathe with your whole. We’ve been so up in our heads, we forgot to breathe from our hearts.

It’s time to heal our hearts and free our love.

In times of darkness, when all is unknown, only our heart can guide us. Your inner light is your spark in the dark.
We are being offered this opportunity to reconnect with our heart, our unconditional love.
It’s not about our materiality, our wealth or our intellect, it’s about our heart.

Navigating now

Slow down and listen to your needs. Be like the bull, your intention is your health and what is not healthy is being faced and removed off the way.

If you started new actions for yourself recently, don’t let the change of rythm affect your will. Keep going, keep doing for yourself. Don’t go back into the routine of before. Make the change for your new reality.

Be strong in your steps.

And if it feels like all is suddenly moving faster: check with your breath. By deepening and slowing down your breathing, you create more heart space. Same for your mind, reduce what you consume to create your head space.

I nourish my whole.

To dive deeper:

Nourish your space.

I love you,


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