Tarot’s insights – Full Moon December 2019

I sat down on my pillow this morning, connected with the energies of now and asked them to communicate with me through the medium of the Tarot cards.

What is this full Moon’s message?

Full Moon December 2019 – Tarot

What I see now…

This man is making his way towards filling up all his cups. He is leaving the two swords behind in the moonlight to go towards his own direction. He is making the choice to focus on fulfilling his wish and not bouncing from one idea to the other.

The moon is now in gemini, an air sign and swords are related with the element of air. This first two cards are about the moon in Gemini. Gemini loves communication. As an air sign it can easily blend with others but also get confused into people’s ways. I mean Gemini may loose its own way by bouncing around with another’s vision. And if you feel confused these days observe where you may be following someone else’s way instead of doing your way. Or maybe you are being influenced and it’s confusing your thoughts… Leave the multiple choices and reasons on the side to listen to your heart and go for what you wish for.

Focus on your fulfilment.

The left middle card shows us a queen holding her sword on her heart. She is not holding another’s sword, she is holding her own, she is following her own mind. This card tells us about our discernment to act for our vision. Being the beholder of her will she can then take action towards what she wants for herself. We see the queen of rods has transformed her sword into a rod planted on the ground and blossoming. She is taking action now in reality. She is acting following her heart. We can appreciate her dress and her other arm flowing. She is in movement embraced by the sunlight and surrounded with sunflowers.

The moon and the sun are now facing each other. The sun is in Saggitarius, a fire sign, and the rods also symbolise the element of fire. These cards are beautifully showing us how by following our heart, we can implement our vision into our reality.

The world card is here to show us that all is in offer to us. We have infinite opportunities to choose from. It’s always coming our way. And I’m sure you’ve been seeing that in your life. There is always different possibilities of thoughts and actions. The question is which one is the right one for yourself now. It is about trusting that the world is full of possibilities and if we decide to follow our way it will open up our path towards what we are wishing for.

The card next to it is the Judgment card. It is showing people coming out of the dark cave, they are stepping higher to the light. They are taking down their covering skin/blanket to come out to the sunlight and be embraced by its warmth. There is even a bright angel here to guide them towards the light and welcome them out of the darkness. The protective skin has to be released for our truth to come to light. (More about this energy in the message channeled of the transit from Scorpio to Saggitarius)

Reveal yourself step by step.

Next card, the Sun. It is shining bright. It is attractive.

Shine. Allow your passions to express themselves. Be your own sun.

Here you can read more about this energy.

Now let’s talk about the first card. The sun is facing the 6 of cups. We can see this young lady gazing at the night sky. Six is a number of union. It’s about following your heart’s guidance and wishing upon your dreams. This card is telling us that our wishes are going to be fulfilled. It is nice isn’t it? As we observed the other cards, we are learning that to fulfill our dreams we have to be clear about them and act for them. I invite you to go back to your new moon intentions and take a moment to appreciate how they are coming up to the light. If you haven’t done your new moon vows, I invite you to write down your intentions now. (Here is a video to guide you into creating your moon vows).

The sun is full on showing itself. The moon is reflecting the maximum sunlight she can. Again, be yourself and express you.

The Sun card is supported by the 9 of Cups (bottom card of the pile). We can see a celebration is happening. Now is a time of celebration of life. We are coming to the end of the year 2019. It’s a time of achievement of a full year. Observe how much you’ve done this year, all you learned and accomplished. Celebrate all of it. You are the one who made it to now and you are alive on earth so enjoy that. Enjoy living life the way it is. Thanks to all the challenges we are growing wiser and more in tuned with our truth.

The moon is showing her full side to us and it’s inspiring for us to show who we are and celebrate with others. We are all completing this year together and that’s a great reason to celebrate! So share your accomplishments with others. Play and have fun. Let yourself explore new things and maybe be surprised by discovering new passions.

This full moon is extraordinary.

I also got very inspired by the Judgment card and chatted about it in my latest podcast you can find here.

That’s the message I channelled inspired by the tarot. It’s the first time I’m sharing with you with the medium of Tarot. Yes, I am showing myself in new ways too. I am trying to detail a lot so you can follow my way of translating the energies of now through the cards.

Thank you for receiving me,

I wish you joyful celebrations.


I don’t know the name of this deck, I borrowed them from my soul sister Jess.

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