How to unlock your truth ?

Express yourself from a place of trust.

When I believe in myself, what I say about myself transpires my confidence. And it has the magic effect to reassure people around me. You create your own support and people magically start supporting you the way you need them to. When your words are coming from a place of love for yourself, you show people your confidence in who you are and what you do. Of course we have doubts and questioning rising some time and they allow us to take a moment to observe ourselves and go from that.

How to create the space to express our truth?

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Habits – Writing your thoughts

Creating the habit to write your thought will support your growth. It is a healthy habit for all. It helps during your healing journey, to support your self-realization, to develop your psychic abilities and to open to your creativity.

Writing your thoughts is more commonly called journaling.

Journaling can trigger resistance or pre-conceived ideas for some of us. So, I invite you to observe your first reaction:

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