Communication #3 – Meeting the other

Following our observations on Communication : #2 – Lies vs inner truth & #1 – Union with self

Spending time with someone else and sharing your stories, stories of how you feel and your experiences.

When you talk to someone else you express yourself.

The words you are using and the way your body is behaving create your expression at the moment. This is what is seen. Communication includes also the unseen: your thoughts and your feelings. Obviously all seen and unseen are part of your expression. Continue reading “Communication #3 – Meeting the other”

Game: Setting boundaries – Rules

Aloha beautiful beings,

A new game! How exciting! It’s for you to play at creating your own space. You see when you set your boundaries, you create your safe space.

We can observe how the world applies this by setting borders to delimitate the countries. Yes I’ve just compared us to the world 😉

You are your own magic world and for you to expand you need clear boundaries.

Let’s do it. Continue reading “Game: Setting boundaries – Rules”

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