Full Moon March 2020 – A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

I drop the load by sharing my load.

Together supporting each other.

I breathe with you, you breathe with me.

Together, we are getting stronger.

March 9th/10th/11th, the moon is fully bright in our sky. Like the sunshine, the moonlight is supporting our health. Tonight, I invite you to breathe in the moonshine.

Life is cycling and we are evolving.

How do you feel now?

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Here & Now: Rebirthing

Dear you,

Wow it’s been a ride…😂

This week-end, I was chilling at home reflecting on my last few weeks. I feel I’m rebirthing. Actually I’ve been feeling the birthing of my new self for a while but I felt more wandering in the deep waters of my emotions than light and clear. Yes because when we observe the new we see freshness. You know we want to step into something exhilarating. Obviously a new adventure brings new people, new ideas, new places, etc. It is a path of discovery. Exciting!

Inspired on perfect timing, this message is timeless.

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