New Moon August 2020

We are now in the new moon energy with the alignement happening August 18/19th depending on your location on our planet earth. I remind you that New Moon is an expression to describe the timespace when the sun and moon are seen aligned together from our earth point of view.

This new moon is also happening with the conjunction of the planet Mercury. I made a drawing to show you how the alignements are. I added Venus because the planet is between Mercury and us. You can see that Mercury is in between the sun and moon which is an auspicious view point to support how it feels like.

Let’s chat about it.

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February 2020 – PARTNERSHIPS

A new month has started. We are cycling always and forever. I see every new month as a new door of possibilities opening. The monthly calendar supports my evolution as a thinking being. It gives me a clear vision of my days happening. It offers me a tangible approach to learn about my past and go forward into my future. It’s well organised and I appreciate that.

Let’s step in February 2020!

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New Moon & October 2019

We are entering a new energetic cycle. The moon was with the sun last week-end. When the moon meets the sun, it’s New Moon time. In our night sky we start to see a thin slice of the moon.

New moon times are auspicious to set intentions for yourself. Every new moon offers you the possibility to reflect on the cycle ending and set your direction for the new cycle begining.

Tuning in with how we feel guides us to know what this new moon energy is about.

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Poem – Welcoming the new

Exploring my new paradise Island, enjoying this magic land.

Wandering along the path, learning a new way to do the math.

Realising everyday the old shredding away.

Going for what I want, cutting the chains of attachment.

Opening the door to my new endeavor.

Surrendering to what is, allowing to receive.

I’m welcoming the new.


How to welcome the new?

Written in Koh Phangan, November 2018

Picture of Zen beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Here & Now: You have made your choice.

Aloha creators,

Wow the last week was intense! The energies are still stirring us up to go for what we want for ourselves, to just do it without over-questioning. Last week-end was a new moon too. She was comfy in Taurus with the sun. Taurus is an earth sign and Taurus knows what it wants and makes it happen no matter what. Taurus likes comfort and enjoying the abundance offered by mother earth. Taurus loves settling in a routine which supports its well being. So it does 😉. Are you?

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Here & Now: Rebirthing

Dear you,

Wow it’s been a ride…😂

This week-end, I was chilling at home reflecting on my last few weeks. I feel I’m rebirthing. Actually I’ve been feeling the birthing of my new self for a while but I felt more wandering in the deep waters of my emotions than light and clear. Yes because when we observe the new we see freshness. You know we want to step into something exhilarating. Obviously a new adventure brings new people, new ideas, new places, etc. It is a path of discovery. Exciting!

Inspired on perfect timing, this message is timeless.

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Guidance Message – Space to be

Been feeling intensely tired so I slept for a few days. Observing my mind resisting and trying to find excuses to be tired when simply I’m supposed to be. So I accept my rest and I recharge. I’m not letting my mind dwelling in the abyss of the unknown, it feels like drowning. Instead I choose to recenter on here and now. I can breathe!

We are living the new. You know you’re in it because it doesn’t look nor feel like the old. We all made the change. We are experiencing a new life situation right now. For each of us, the new manifests in accordance to us. Don’t start looking at the others’new endeavours to diminish your own. If you want to compare, do it consciously. Notice the other living the new too, its own new because it’s its own life.

Comparison is not a bad thing, it’s part of our individual existence and has to be used consciously. By consciously I mean with compassion.

So it’s happening…

I want to say finally because when such a change is happening, we may have been longing for it/feeling it coming/wanting it so bad.

The transformation is unveiling itself day after day. Transformation of my past into my future. Transformation of myself from one cycle to another. Simply a life transformation.

Wow cool.

Remember it’s a process of death and rebirth. We are being asked to let go of what we don’t want anymore to let in what we want. You know when you clean up your wardrobe to make space. It’s spring time! And it takes its own perfect timing (the one you can’t put dates and hours on).

What we are living is tuned in with nature. Of course we are part of nature, and also the plants, the animals, the elements, the planets, the insects and all of it. Everything is nature and made by nature. We’ve been conditioned to separate ourselves from our nature and it’s wrong.

Yes, sometimes we can say it’s wrong. It’s ok to say a clear no or a clear yes. And when I don’t know, I can express it too.

Which makes me come back to accepting the new by making our choices in accordance to what we want. If you want something for yourself, say no to what is not and trust in your own manifestation. As well, say a big yes when you feel like it. A clear answer without the tint of guilt. It’s time to let guilt evaporate don’t you think?

I accept what I want.

We may project ourselves far away and it can bring pressure on ourselves about the realisation of it all. We may think we are not ready enough and create resistance. You simply may feel overwhelmed by what’s happening. No need for explanations. The overwhelming is showing you to let go because there is too much to hold on to here. Simple.

Right now it’s about allowing yourself the space to be.

Focus on here and now.

Listen to your emotions, they tell you what to do at every moment.

Quiet your mind to allow your body to lead.

I accept how I’m feeling.

No need for comments. No need for words. No need for self-resistance.

Wherever you are, remember to see yourself with compassion.

I love and support myself no matter what.

Remember, it’s a process happening at every moment. We are all learning step by step. We are all evolving. So let go and let it be.

I appreciate now.

Chill and sit quietly.

Move and laugh.

Enjoy what you have now.

I love you


Picture: Going towards the light, taken in Val Morin, Quebec, Canada. March 2019

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