New Moon April 2020

New moon (in the house of Taurus), April 22/23, 2020.

When the moon is with the sun, the dark sky shows the stars and planets shining brighter.

Enjoying silence with no resistance,
Taming the loud to hear my soul,
Nurturing my body and caring for my energy,
My whole opening to my heart awakening.

Changing times for our world, all together stepping into the unknown.

What do I wish for my tomorrow?

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Pabuk, another life experience.

2019 jan 5 – Aloha,

Today I’m reacting strongly to what I’ve read and seen about people’s reaction to Pabuk (tropical storm in Thailand 2019) in the western world. I’ve been turning around my home feeling my inside volcano about to explode. What I want is exploding love and compassion not anger and disappointment. I am fighting for love and union. So here I am, full on lion, roaring to the world.🦁 Continue reading “Pabuk, another life experience.”

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