Hair – How to read Shampoo Ingredients

Aloha seekers of nature,

In 2012, I made a big change in my daily hygiene routine. I decided to learn about the products I was using. It started with my shampoo. My first step was to become familiar with a few ingredients to avoid. This choice I made years ago initiated a full revolution of how I live my life. Today, I make my own products from what is available locally and use only respectful ingredients. I also know how to listen to my body and adapt my daily care routine with how I feel. What a journey! You can do it!

The shampoos you find in supermarkets and pharmacies usually contains a lot of irritative ingredients : allergens, photosensitizing et pollutant. They disrespect nature: your body and mind nature and your envirronmental nature. They are to avoid. Now you know.

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