Here & Now: Full Moon Power ! (Moon in Cap, Sun in Cancer)

Are you feeling this intense energy rising these last few days? An energy coming from your core and showing you your truth.

It’s here in your front view and you are finally seeing it. The last new moon reminded us to care for ourselves, our human bodies. They are our magic spaceship on earth and it feels amazing to care for them. While caring for yourself, you’re realising a lot. You are looking at yourself in details and see what’s happening.

I take time for my own care.

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I feel my inside burning

Fire inside my belly!!!! It feels like I’m burning inside. What do I do with that?!

Let’s start with the fire and observe: Fire burns constantly, it is what we see in the obscurity, it is always in movement. Fire is consuming itself.

Our inner fire wants to be consumed, it wants to flow out and not be stuck in. Because if it stays in, it’s gonna burn us inside or even die…would this inner fire die? I tell you it won’t because what you feel is your own self wanted to be seen.

Are you listening to yourself?

Are you seeing yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to shine like a star?

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Here & Now: The choice is made

Aloha creators,

Wow the last week was intense! The energies are still stirring us up to go for what we want for ourselves, to just do it without over-questioning. Last week-end was a new moon too. She was comfy in Taurus with the sun. Taurus is an earth sign and Taurus knows what it wants and makes it happen no matter what. Taurus likes comfort and enjoying the abundance offered by mother earth. Taurus loves settling in a routine which supports its well being. So it does πŸ˜‰. Are you?

Now we are facing ourselves in our life choices.

Is it what I really want? And is it that I want after all? Oh my, what am I doing now? And where should I go now? And how do I do that?

Ahah, it feels we are dwelling in between yesterday and tomorrow but we actually do feel here and now.

You made your choice. That’s awesome! You know that’s what you want and you know you are already doing it. Yes to you!

So why this confusion making our head go mad at moments? It feels like we are some instant dwelling in our mess and others enjoying the new happening. It seems crazy πŸ™„.

Yes, we are crazy beings oscillating in between our extremes. But that’s how we find our balance. Without the right and left how would I know I’m going straight?

What’s happening is that as you made your choice to live the new, your ego is a bit panicking. It feels lost in this unknown you’re creating. It is used to what it knows. You know your old ways of doing. And now it’s being asked to grow and evolve. Ahhhhh! That’s where the questionings and confusion happen. Our self is a bit lost, like a child not knowing where it is, it’s a bit scary. And it’s ok, we don’t have to always know what’s happening next. Going on a new adventure is exciting!

So what to do?

You reassure your inner child. You take care of your self by doing the things that make you feel good. You nurture yourself. You follow your discipline.

Every step forward is made with confidence if you take care of the one leading the way: yourself.

What makes you feel safe? What reassures you?

Take the timespace to do it.

Act for yourself by applying the healthy habits supporting your wellbeing.

Notice what’s coming up in your mind when you feel confused. And observe how well you know how to deal with yourself now. You are listening and reacting with compassion and care. You are doing it! And thanks to this freaked out ego to show you that πŸ˜‰

So here you are, stepping into the new and putting the past at peace. Well done to you!

I feel like congratulating all of you. It’s important to be your own supporter and acknowledge all the steps you take for yourself. Big, small, hot or cold, let’s not dwell in the details. The main view is you stepping forward.

You set your sails to new horizons. And for your vessel to navigate safe the waves and currents, it needs care.


Treat your beauty with care.

And remember you have family and friends around you, so express to them how you feel. Because when we do that we create a new space to observe ourselves. Let it out. The mess amd the projects. And at the same time, we strenghten our connection to the other.

We are all experiencing life together 😎

Keep going!

A trick when you feel confused, teletransport here.

Guidance about your discipline, jump here.

I love you,

OcΓ©anie πŸ’–

Picture: Wild together, taken in Crete, Greece. May 2019

Which direction are you going to?

Today I am sharing with you how I see the signs and translate them into messages. It happens naturally and each new language I’m learning offers me a wider view on myself and the whole. Also I’ve been feeling called to share about how I see so step by step coming out…πŸ˜‰

When our intention is clear, the signs are clear. When our vision is set with intention, the path is showing itself to us. Learn how to notice the signs to translate them into a message to support your growth. Every sign has its own language and all languages are connected so let’s chat about numbers, our calendar, astrology, the moon and connect them into a clear message for ourselves. Continue reading “Which direction are you going to?”

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