Full Moon March 2020 – A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

I drop the load by sharing my load.

Together supporting each other.

I breathe with you, you breathe with me.

Together, we are getting stronger.

March 9th/10th/11th, the moon is fully bright in our sky. Like the sunshine, the moonlight is supporting our health. Tonight, I invite you to breathe in the moonshine.

Life is cycling and we are evolving.

How do you feel now?

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January 2020 & Capricorn Energies

Namaskar lovers of life,

Happy new year to you all! I wish you to do you with love and compassion.

This new year feels like a fresh new wind is blowing in our life. It feels good to start new. And we are being guided towards one clear direction as we now have five planets in Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. This is a lot of action with the capricorn energy so I’d like to talk a bit more about it.

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