Energy Forecast – Full Moon June 2019

The moon is fully reflecting,

Amplifying our will,

Like a bubble of sparkles

Growing towards its destiny.

The universe is telling us to shine from our center. Our center being all of our parts integrated in one will. The parts of you inside and outside, masculine and feminine, Ying and Yang, private and public, alone or social and the infinity of other dualities.

We are uniting as one being full of possibilities. Continue reading “Energy Forecast – Full Moon June 2019”

Energy Forecast – Around June 11th

Feeling tired? Maybe drained or in pain?

Pick up your word, we are all feeling this weight being lifted. Well before being lifted, the weight has to be recognised. But for sure it will be lifted if you address it πŸ˜‹.

You have to address your emotions for them to be freed.

We are now being stirred between opportunities, things are accelerating and maybe your head is spinning. Continue reading “Energy Forecast – Around June 11th”

Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe β™Š

Tuesday 21st of May, our sun entered the home of Geminiβ™Š.

Our sun is not alone, it is changing house followed by Mercury, seen as the planet of communication. Mercury is ruled by Gemini meaning it is coming home. I see it triumphant and shining with the sun on its side. I understand that the energy of Gemini and Mercury is emphasized.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, it is this ability to bounce with our thoughts, to transport our mind in every direction like the wind blows. Gemini is a player of extremes, it is experiencing the polarities of thinking. It is movement of thoughts.

Let’s take the perspective of the elements: Continue reading “Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe β™Š”

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