Communication #3 – Meeting the other

Following our observations on Communication : #2 – Lies vs inner truth & #1 – Union with self

Spending time with someone else and sharing your stories, stories of how you feel and your experiences.

When you talk to someone else you express yourself.

The words you are using and the way your body is behaving create your expression at the moment. This is what is seen. Communication includes also the unseen: your thoughts and your feelings. Obviously all seen and unseen are part of your expression. Continue reading “Communication #3 – Meeting the other”

Communication #2 – Lies vs Inner Truth

Following the first chapter on communication #1 – Union with self, now let’s talk about our lies.

When our mind makes up stories for ourselves to not listen to our true self, we are lying to ourselves. The truth is this inner voice telling you how you feel. It’s aligned with how your body feels too.

We chatted about our inner communication here.

When our stories are blocking us or masking our truth, we are in the realm of lies. We are lying to ourselves about our reality. Continue reading “Communication #2 – Lies vs Inner Truth”

Communication #1 – Union with self.

Invest your thoughts into the creation of your intentions, your mind guiding your action.

If your mind is feeling in details and confusion it means it’s not aligned with your desires, how you are feeling. We are talking about your soul here wanting to express itself. For that it needs to be listen by your mind which is the commander of your body, once the mind receives your emotions, it can direct your actions.

It’s all working together really: to be in union with yourselves you need to listen to yourselves and go following your inner guidance.

It’s about self-communication. Continue reading “Communication #1 – Union with self.”

Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe β™Š

Tuesday 21st of May, our sun entered the home of Geminiβ™Š.

Our sun is not alone, it is changing house followed by Mercury, seen as the planet of communication. Mercury is ruled by Gemini meaning it is coming home. I see it triumphant and shining with the sun on its side. I understand that the energy of Gemini and Mercury is emphasized.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, it is this ability to bounce with our thoughts, to transport our mind in every direction like the wind blows. Gemini is a player of extremes, it is experiencing the polarities of thinking. It is movement of thoughts.

Let’s take the perspective of the elements: Continue reading “Energy Forecast – Welcome to the Gemini vibe β™Š”

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