Communication #1 – Union with self.

A serie of articles to observe what is communication and how to embody its spirit.

Invest your thoughts into the creation of your intentions, your mind guiding your action.

If your mind is feeling confused it means it’s not aligned with your desires, how you are feeling. We are talking about your soul here wanting to express itself. For that it needs to be listen by your mind which is the commander of your body, once the mind receives your emotions, it can direct your actions.

It’s all working together really: to be in union with your self you need to listen to you and go following your inner guidance.

It’s about self-communication.

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Habits – Writing your thoughts

Creating the habit to write your thought will support your growth. It is a healthy habit for all. It helps during your healing journey, to support your self-realization, to develop your psychic abilities and to open to your creativity.

Writing your thoughts is more commonly called journaling.

Journaling can trigger resistance or pre-conceived ideas for some of us. So, I invite you to observe your first reaction:

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