Sustainable Self-Care Program

~ 40 days of magic coaching to recreate your way ~

You want more time and space ?

You want a change in your routine ?

You want to access a new level ?

You can do it !

Your self-care is like a deck of cards ; it is providing you with practices to support you in all situations.

Why ?

To own your unique self !

Our general education doesn’t include health and wellness as a priority. We are often taught to give our health responsibility to outsiders. Being healthy is commonly thought as being 100% all the time. Poor body, poor mind, poor me… Let’s shake that idea because it’s exhausting us more than improving us. For me, being healthy means accepting my condition of now and caring for myself in a respectful and balanced way.

That’s why, I guide you to retake ownership of your Self

How ?

It is simple and complex but not difficult and complicated.

I created this program as a game of habits. You will be guided to introduce new practices as well as play with the ones already programmed in your life. There is nothing wrong with the way you are but if you feel you want more, I know that reshaping your way will open your new.

Playing with your habits will trigger reactions and you will come face to face with your conditioning. With my clear guidance, you will learn how to handle it and dive deeper inside your self.

This program is to integrate a new way of doing for you. It can then apply to all you do.

What do you gain ?

A self-care discipline co-created by your intuition and your intelligence to support your life’s expansion.

  • Spice up your routine & discipline yourself playfully.
  • Develop your capacity of adaptation & master your time/space.
  • Reconnect to your body & deepen your self-awareness.
  • Rest efficiently & improve your productivity.
  • Cultivate inner peace & compassion.

You win a new relationship with yourself !

Why me ?

-> “Yes to the unknown.” – My lifestyle is extreme ; I have been a traveller for more than 17 years. I lived in many cultures, many homes and experienced many ways of life. I worked with focus and determination on my self-development and my wellness to be able to sustain myself in all my movements. I will guide you to activate a forever evolving self-care.

-> “I do now.” – I have a practically organised mind and a direct approach to the situations. I am not here to fake it or stay on the surface. My goal is for you to own yourself, so we do that step by step and I will adapt to your needs as we go.

-> “My feeling, my truth.” – I am enthusiastic and playful ; I love making my own experiences and I don’t take for granted what people say. I’ll guide you to infuse lightness in your experience.

-> “I love playing the game of life” – If you want to play with me, I am passionately serious about it !

I do me.

You do you.

Together we co-create.

Organisation :

  • 40 days
  • 7 online sessions (once / week)
  • Online guidance & motivation flow

This program can be done one-on-one or with more players ; it is nice to transform with family and friends. Contact me and I will create the game adapted to your family or group of friends/colleagues.

Techniques :

Mind Design & mindset coaching, emotional management, holistic therapeutical approach, natural healthcare, spiritual guidance and multidisciplinary practices (meditation, breathwork, sound healing, energy work, yoga, journaling, …)


How do you feel ?

Ready to experience new ?

Let’s begin :

If you don’t have Whatsapp, please find other ways to contact me here.

Your answer is inside, it’s a feeling. Surely some thoughts are interfering. No need for excuses or justifications, you feel yes or no for now. Later is later. I might be the one for you or not. If it’s unclear, I propose that you simply start here and see how it flows.

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