Game: Stop overthinking & Clear your mind

Your thoughts are a production of your mind. You are the master of your mind. Yes this is true…but….

Sometimes it feels exhausting to think,

Sometimes I really don’t feel I’m in control of what’s happening up there,

Sometimes (all the time…), I am overthinking.

What is happening? What to do with yourself?

The over of your thinking is when it’s creating tension or tiredness in your body. Simply observe how are you shoulders or your jaw now? Breathe and relax.

Often, we are simply looping with the same thoughts about a specific situation again and again, or we are projecting our thoughts into an unexpected future situation or overthinking about a past situation; Well, you are not here and now with your thinking and it’s ok. Now, you are observing the fact you are overthinking. that’s good 🙂

My proposition: Clearing your mind.

Intention : Writing your thoughts down. Whatever is looping or bothering you in your mind, take it out and write it down. this move will allow you to express in a simple way.

Let it go outside your mind.

Guidance : Do not overthink the overthinking already existing inside yourself. Simply let it out. Words are expressed with words. Writing is private and it’s easy. So do it.

Tools needed : Your journal, notebook and pen, or your smartphone or a piece of paper. Basically anything to write with and on.

Position: Up to you and the situation.

Timespace: From a few seconds to infinity

Mode of action:

Situation – During your day, at one moment, you observe your thoughts looping, you understand you are overthinking.

Step 1 – Take out your available tools

Step 2 – Write out what’s in your mind right now. Don’t think about it you would create more overthinking on top of the rest, not the goal here. Simply take out on paper what is bothering your peace of mind.

Step 3 – Breathe in and out and observe how you expressed yourself easily (yes because writing is easy and if you can read this article I guess you can write too).

Step 4 – Well done you observed an uncomfortable situation inside your mind and you acted to change it.

Step 5 : Do it everyday.

To go deeper: Keep doing it.

Be creative. Do it for yourself.

More inspiration:

I love you and support you on your journey.

Océanie x

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