How to start a new cycle?

New day, new moon, new month, new job, new partner, new cycles are starting all the time.

I receive the new.

This new cycle opens up the doors to new beginnings: new relationships, new opportunities, new possibilities.

Today is the start of a new cycle, whichever cycle you are begining now. Observe what happened during the last cycle, the one you are transiting from : I observe who I was, what did I do? Who I am is also reflected by people around me: What did people tell me about myself? How did I react? Is it in accordance with who I want to be?

Today I observe the past and I accept it. I’m not trying to control how it happened, that would be insane. Yes I accept the me from the last cycle and I learn from it. From this new knowledge of myself I now decide who I want to be for this new cycle. And I step forward as the new me.

This is what we can name death and rebirth. I am not carrying what I don’t want of myself into this new beginning. And I know its happening step by step.

I allow myself to experiment and gain experience in being the new me.

I upgrade.

Let yourself be who you feel you are. You have changed and now it’s time to act. What have you done this last cycle that gave you peace and love? Now is the time to apply it to every steps of your new cycle.

For this new cycle, I see a new relationship with ourselves. Allow yourself to be the same in private and in public. Integrate all your facets in one.

Enjoy being a new version of yourself.

Be the change.

Love yourself now.

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I love you and support you on your journey.


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