Solstice 21 June 2019

Celebrate yourself!

We are experiencing one extreme of our earthy experience: the day has one shortest and one longest. It is the maximum stretch it can do and it can do it every 6 months. One side then the other. That’s how it feels anyway.

The message is Trust how you feel.

Be comfortable with yourself in and out. Inside and outside from every point of view you have about stuff, explore the other side. And accept both as being what they are.

We are evolving all the time, light or dark. Two different points of view of one.

I see myself from inside and I see myself in my outside. All is connected.

Whatever the situation happening right now in your life, however you are living the change, take a moment to breathe and acknowledge yourself.

So many questions sometimes…

This solstice is here to remind us to see ourselves at the brightest of how we feel. Acknowledge yourself growing.

I am evolving.

Remember you are here to experience life as a human. It is a game of evolution you chose to play. You are here because you wanted to be here. This is cool. From my perspective, it’s magical dream living time!

I wake up curious of discovering this new day, because it shows me new details.

And everyday brings new. Sometimes it’s difficult to see it fully but if we look into the details of our daily life, we can observe the changes.

When you are honest with yourself about your truth and accept it,

You simply go for it.

You do you #youdoyou 😉

Your truth doesn’t ask question, doesn’t make justifications nor excuses. The story of your truth is unveiling itself step by step so enjoy the details of your days.

The solstice is a celebration of ourselves! We are beings of polarities and sometimes we really feel going from one extreme to the other. It’s cyclical because we are nature.

It feels like a full moon/new moon day, it is simply from a different perspective 🙌

So let’s celebrate being human, the light or the dark, it’s all part of it.

Happy celebration of yourself!

If you’re in need for a quick fix…here is a antidote:

Repeat three times and three breaths,

Everytime you want a moment for yourself:

I believe in myself

I believe in myself

I believe in myself

Let the magic unfold 😉


Océanie 🔥

Picture: Magic beings playing in the garden, France – 21 June 2019

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