Signs – Past, Present & Future

Another new moon time as it happens every 28 days;) I am inspired by the moon and the cycle of change. Observing my past, present and future and reading the signs.

Let’s listen to the signs and translate them into a message of clarity for you here and now.

Allowing myself a well deserved rest to clear my head and recharge. The energies are shaking my life for the better, it’s exciting and I’m making spacetime to receive the new.

It’s new moon!

It means the moon is meeting the sun in the house where the sun is settled for now. The moon travels through a house in 2 1/4 days and the sun in 30 days (more or less). They have different cycles and the new moon time is their reunion.

A meeting of the light and the dark.

New moon launches a new cycle in the relationship of the moon and the sun.

New moon is a time of new beginning. As it launches a new cycle, we can observe the completion of the past cycle and the entering into the new.

It’s an auspicious moment to reflect on your last new moon vows and observe what happened for you this last cycle.

Last time the moon and sun were conjunct: Do you remember what you were doing? What were you thoughts? Where did you want to go with yourself?

I personally record in a journal. I write down thoughts and feelings to have a reminder of the past when I’m in the future and want to observe my evolution in the present.

Ah, the past, present and future… Three spirits in a beautiful relationship. One doesn’t go without the other. It’s a beautiful trinity.

I have been chatting about the number 3 (1,2,3 February!) And how it is the creation of one and two bonding.

Let’s apply to now:

We have three roles to distribute: 1 is the past, 1 is the present and 1 is the future.

Talking about these three is infinite so let’s set the situation: when the past and future meet to create the present.

Let’s see.

I observe my past to learn about my evolution and to realise I’m not there anymore but here. The past is showing me the present.

I also project in the future to keep evolving and thinking about this unknown gives me a support to center here and now. The future is also showing me the present.

How can I find my presence if I don’t observe who I was and who I am going to be?

The present exists thanks to the past and future.

I am in my presence when I accept the past and the future.

I am.

Let’s recenter on our new moon timing:

This new moon event is happening in the house of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign and invite us into the realm of our thoughts.

The future is a creation of our mind. Our body can’t project in the future. Our body is here now. Same with the past, the body can’t go back to being younger. Ahah imagine.

Today we are taking the perspective of our mind.

My body is doing now but my mind has the ability to do before, now and later. This is extraordinary. Our mind has this power of being timeless. And it created a timing, past/present/future, to align with our bodies. But this timing doesn’t have the purpose to tense us, it has an intention of harmony with ourselves.

I explain.

Thanks to my mind, I can observe my evolution. I reflect on my past and learn about myself. I daydream about my future and bring continuity about myself. I notice myself in the present and do for me in accordance with what I’ve learned and what I am going for.

Our minds are magical and it’s our responsibility to master them.

Aquarius offers us a higher perspective and I am harvesting this energy to look at myself.

When we want new, when we start new, we also need to have a new vision of ourselves. Seeing ourselves with new eyes to allow our evolution into the new.

I am doing new.

Observing where we want to go, our future, doesn’t mean apprehending. So listen to your thoughts and notice if your vision of yourself is opening or blocking? Are you offering yourself infinite possibilities or reduced choices?

Be honest with yourself.

And accept who you are now. Accept if you’re tense, accept if you’re doubting. Accept your confusion.

It’s normal, you’re going to the new, it’s unknown. It’s in the dark. The dark can trigger fear.

The future is dark, we haven’t walked its path and shine our light on it. The only thing we know is what we want but that doesn’t tell us what’s going to happen in reality. Ahah! Freaky funky future.

Remember what you want.

Remember what you’ve been working for.

Good. Now it’s time to believe in yourself. Set your mind to a “yes it’s happening” frequency.

Observe how you feel.

Is resistance rising?

Or is it your mind translating your overwhelming of expecting your happiness into apprehension and doubts?

Are you apprehending your happiness?

Are you scared of your dreams coming true?

It’s time to allow yourself the joyful life you want to live.

It’s time to see yourself with love.

It’s time to fully support your growth.

I trust.

Disciplining your mind is your key to success.

Today, we are entering a new cycle. Again. It keeps happening so why not letting go and allow it to come to us?

Allow yourself to receive.

My heart is open to receive new.

You’re doing great 😍


More inspiration:

I love you,

Océanie 💖

Picture: Higher perspective, taken in Antwerp, Belgium, February 3rd.

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