Signs – 1, 2, 3, February!

Many signs, many interpretations. Inspire yourself from what you see. Learn how to listen to the messages of your soul.

I invite you to follow me on a moment of reading wisdom and translating it.

Let’s observe today’s date and the energy of February.

1/2/2019 = 1 / 2 / (2+0+1+9)= 1/2/3

Today we are entering (1) the gate of pairing (2) leading us into manifestatiom (3).

This whole year is about manifesting what we’ve been preparing for. 2019 holds the vibration of number 3 (chat on number 3). For three to be, 1 and 2 have to be known. I am one with another one, we are two and when we unite, when we create a relationship together, we are in a new dimension. We now observe the 3.

We are entering February, month number 2. It comes after number 1, the month of January. January is the first month of our Gregorian calendar, it has the energy of resolution and starting a new cycle (1). It’s a month focused on ourselves. We observe what needs to change and we set intentions to go forward, to follow our priorities.(article on January)

This last month we observed our priority is us. I do for myself first which means I share my own with myself first. And my actions are made with passion.

“I do for me”

…Because I want it.

Yes I achieve for my own pleasure 😉

We realised that we are stronger when expressing from our center.

I am strong.

Also we learn that for our center to be stronger it has to survive through timespace and our environment. It’s important to keep myself well for, whatever the situation is, everything to go smoothly.

I learn the necessity to care for myself first. And for this to happen, I create a discipline: specific habits to do for myself to be more at ease.

I create my own comfort.

I am independant.

Wow, new beginnings are so exciting! Excitement can create an impatience. “I want it now” attitude creates tension because we’re forgetting about the pleasure. When I feel exhilarated, I take the timespace for myself to quiet down. My intention is to recenter and that’s where my self-care discipline comes handy. By disciplining myself to care for myself first, I know what do do in situations of non comfort. I know how to become from my center again, I have my tricks to be present here and now. So I do. And everytime I do, I strengthen myself more.

We find our balance in our stability. First we need to be stable with ourselves to create stability outside. Just me feeling comfortable creates a vibration of comfort and life seems to flow more easily.

Two pairing.

February is about pairing, from one we can meet another one and we observe we are two. February is Saint Valentine’s month too. Whatever your thoughts are about that, simply observe that the general vibration is about love with a partner.

It’s a about love ♥️

How awesome!

This partner represents many. First, You are your own partner. As you know that your self-care is number one. Therefore, you are your number one partner 😁

Second, you partner with other ones, being friends, colleagues, sexual, intimate, and the infinity of, partners. This month we are entering the partnering vibration. Now that I practice my new resolutions and I am learning about the benefits of my self-care, I want to share myself with others. Obviously when we feel good we want to share that goodness around. Our intention is to live in a “feel good” environment so let’s do it together.

We combine this energy of pairing with the energy of the year. We are now into manifesting the partnerships we want for ourselves. We want to share and bond with the people we want in our lives. We want romance, laughing and playing, nice moments with other ones. We want to feel the relationship we care for evolving and strengthening. We want to bond with pleasure.

I am partnering.

Today is the entrance of a new month offering its continuity in our evolution.

We observe, we enjoy the process 😉

Life is beautiful.

Experience your own care.

More inspiration:

I love you,

Océanie 💖

Picture: Artwork by Anastasia Dumarey – Meet her here

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