Setting your new moon intentions

New moon time is an auspicious period to set new intentions. The cycle of the moon with the sun is 28 days and it offers us a regular cosmic calendar for manifestation. I have been setting new moon intentions for years now and it has been and still is guiding my inner growth. Writing my intentions has helped me to strengthen my own inner relationship and enhance my inner communication. It also helped me to re-connect with the natural cycles of life.

New moon is a term defining a moment in the moon-sun cycle. This cycle is an ongoing regular cycle : new moon – waxing moon – full moon – waning moon – dark moon – new moon again.

From our earthy point of view, this cycle lasts 28 days, which means every 28 days the moon is opposite the sun or every 28 days the moon is close to the sun. This cycle is like a cosmic calendar. You only need your eyes to check where you are in the cycle : look at the sky. Step by step, you will understand better how the moon rotates and how we, earth, rotate. It is simple.

Re-connect with the cosmic calendar.

When the moon is not seen, it is our retreating moment, when the moon is full lights on, it is our moment of revelation. We don’t have to do anything for this to happen as it is part of our natural cycle. Taking the habit to set your intention at the new moon, you will feel more in tune with this cosmic cycle. it will happen naturally as it is part of who we are.

By setting intentions, you allow yourself to clarify your direction. A clear direction supports your manifestation, you are creating your own attraction. An intention can be an action, a healing intention, a sense of being… Your intentions relate to your situation here and now. Intentions serve as guidelines, they are like your own support system.

Your willpower resides in your commitment to yourself. 

Your new moon intentions are tuned with the energies of the present new moon. You can study the astrology if you wish to understand more about it but it is not necessary to feel what’s going on. To tune in with the energies of now, tune in with yourself. That’s why having a regular meditation and self-expression practice is a great support to stay tuned.

If you do not have a journaling practice yet – Start one here.

Writing your new moon intentions is asking you to be honest with yourself. To set your intentions you have to free your voice and listen to your truth. The moon is your inner self. Your inner self shows itself in its expression. Therefore, allow yourself to express for yourself. Not only it will support your inner growth, it will also support the way you communicate and interact with your outside. 

Remember it is a process, every cycle will spark its magic. 

Writing your intentions:

  • During the few days around new moon.
  • Write simple sentences : I am …. or I am (verb)ing ……….
  • Your intention is happening now. You are it already. 
  • Keep it simple.
  • Create a little ritual around it : burn a candle, take a moment to reflect on your last cycle, do a cleansing meditation…

Here is my video about setting new moon intentions.

Manifestation starts with a thought.

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