Tool: Setting New Habits

WOW! This is something we seem to always try to achieve…

Setting new resolutions, having new goals, wanting to do something new…you are trying and it doesn’t seem to happen…

It’s ok.

First, stop judging and condemning yourself for not doing it. Often you are not doing it the “perfect” way or the way you want to achieve already. Your annoying ego mind is sabotaging you. You are blocking yourself.

What to do now?

1 – Observe how you react when this “new habit subject” comes up in your mind. How are you talking to yourself about it? Are you being negative or positive? What is your mindset?

Take a moment now to observe and be honest with yourself.

Am I motivating myself? Am I limiting myself?

That’s already a big step forward to observe how you are behaving with yourself on this new subject.

Yes you are a beginner and you are going to have to learn something new. As a child you trained to stand up and then to walk and run.

You made the choice to train something you want for yourself. That’s awesome.

2- Become the new habit

Simple: Practice everyday.

Yes it’s not easy and everyday you feel different about it. Everyday has different energies; everyday is unique.

Your strength is to focus on your first intention: I am doing it everyday.

Do not limit yourself with a minimum timing or a special space you need to be in or other excuses to stop yourself from moving forward.

Wherever you are, you can do it. Yes you can, be creative, make it happen for yourself.

Allow your mind and your body to go for it.

3- YES! I’m doing it today.

Support your progress without judging it. Every step counts.

And everyday after doing this new habit, observe you’ve done it and thank yourself.

4- Go deeper by doing it everyday.

You are awesome! I love you 🙂

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