Magic Sessions

Each meeting happens on Zoom and lasts about 50min (if not specify otherwise). Please bring your water and journal.

To improve your experience and integration, I recommend you to book 75/90 minutes in your day to allocate space for yourself after, and to not consume alcohol for a minimum of 48hours.

To be clear : I am not doing for you, I am guiding you to do for yourself. Each session, you will gain tools and practices to self-transform and expand efficiently and safely.

I can guide you from beginner to advanced.

Soul Guidance

To reconnect to source and activate your spiritual channel.

Ritual to channel your messages guided by the Angels and Ascended Masters. You will feel embraced in Light and Unconditional Love and feel more connected to your intuition.

Tarot Reading

To clarify your situation and trust your process.

During this session, you will connect deeper with your will and activate your next step. My guidance will reassure you and enlighten your progress. It will spark your confidence and your motivation.

Energy Healing

To purify your vibration and align your energies.

During this ritual, you will be guided to connect with your inner Self and harmonize your energy centers / chakras.

Voice Medicine

To harmonize your vibration and free your flow.

I guide you in a sound healing journey with your own voice. You will unlock blockages, align your chakras and heal what needs to be (emotional, physical and spiritual). You learn how you can use your voice to manage emotions, activate your energy flow and speak your truth.

1h20 session.

Spiritual Protection

To clear and strenghten your personal space.

During this ritual, you will activate your light grid and learn how to cleanse your spiritual space.

—> Extra : Cleanse & protect your home space by activating a light grid and learning how to maintain it.

Starseed Activation

To feel at home and supported by your Light family.

This spiritual ritual will cuddle your starseed and allow it the space to blossom. You will feel a new sense of belonging and a deeper connection with Star Beings.

Numerology Reading

To shine light on your human self.

I read your date of birth and channel all you need to receive now as a human being. You will gain clarity on your strengths and challenges ; it will give you reassurance and confidence to go forward.

You will also receive some tips/practices to develop your best human self.

1h30 session.

No need to be specific to work with me, as long as you are committed to do the work, all is possible. And no matter the technique, I connect with your whole and address what’s priority anyway. So you can simply ask for a consultation with me.

We will work in magical ways to enlighten you.

Other ways to Contact me here.

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