September 2020 – Full Moon Time

The opposition of our moon and sun happens in the first few days of this month of September 2020. At night, you can see with more clarity and I invite you to bathe in the moonlight.

Full moon time is enlightening…it is pushing us to come out to our self.

Guidance of now:

How do I serve my self?

How is my inner health service and emergency center?

How am I at my own service?

I love for me. I care for me. I do for me

It is time to let go of whatever pressure you put on your self. Many stories, many reasons, many justifications to allow the tension to pressure us. Why not experiencing without it? Let it go. Just say no to your past way of doing to let the space to your new ways.

It’s still and forever you, you simply process and express in a new way: new thoughts, new behaviours. It is a new experience of your self and your reality. So allow your self to surprise yourself.

I expect the unknown.

The unknown is exciting and full of possibilities. It is unknown so let’s slow our pace to discern with clarity every step we take. Every step counts because the feeling of it guides us to the choice of the next one.

Destiny is a feeling. I decide to be it now.

Manifestation takes action.

Take some timespace to observe what you’ve done for yourself the last six months. open your heart to yourself, feel your accomplishment and success. It’s been intense!

I am doing great!

Accept where you are now. Accept everything about yourself. I invite you to sit down, put your hands on your heart and tell yourself out loud: I accept myself. Now close your eyes and say it three times.

You’re doing great.

From your inner place of acceptance and compassion, you take the timespace to do for your wellbeing.

What do I do to sustain my self? To support my emotional, mental and physical health? A change of habit is happening, receive the new version of your self open hearted. Let yourself be different. Allow what you wish for to materialise in your actions.

Let you be.

All the answers are within you. Trust your intuitive voice to guide you on perfect timing. Don’t expect to know before it’s time to know. Enjoy discovering all details as they happen.

I flow with life.

The message you are receiving is tuned in with the new moon (guidance message here) which is the begining of this moon cycle. It is also a continuity of all the rest as we are forever cycling…

Keep doing for yourself, keep trusting, keep harmonising with here and now.


You have all the time to be.

I am

If you’re studying astrology, here is my Astrochat about Pisces-Virgo.

Please receive my sparkles of joy and love here and now.


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