Self-Transformation Program

A program to guide you into a new way of being. This program is a commitment to liberate and master your Self.

What is Self-Transformation ?

Transformation is a process happening naturally in our life. As we are growing, our bodies are changing and our minds are evolving. The art of Self-transformation is the art of renewing ourselves; accepting that we are constantly changing and all situations are new. It may feel similar ; people are always birthing and dying, seasons are changing – but is it really ? Don’t we have the power to change the way we think and act ? We have the power to open up to the infinite possibilities or to block ourselves in pre-conditioned patterns of thinking and reaction.

Life offers us the opportunity to experience new at every moment.

Embracing your power of transformation is stepping into the unknown. It is a journey of acceptance and trust. It will guide you to discover new sensations, new beliefs, new habits, new relationships, new ways to care for your health, etc. You re-connect with your inner truth, you redefine your purpose and you experience your Self in ways unthinkable before.

Can you see yourself living your dream ?

Can you believe in your peace of mind ?

Can you imagine feeling unconditionally loved and supported ?

During this guided journey, you will understand how you can own your inner power and guide your Self transforming. You will harvest your talent of self-alchemy.

This program will give you the keys to master your mind,

liberate your Self

and guide your evolution in peace and trust.

1 – Setting your direction & the power of affirmation / A new way to think

Our path of self-transformation is guided by our vision. You may experience moments of dispersion and confusion on your journey. These moments are part of your transformation, and you have the power to keep your peace of mind no matter what. Working with your mental expression will support you to keep your direction for your manifestation.

In this first step, you will be guided to tap into the power of your thoughts and be assertive in your purpose.

What do I desire ?

What do I dream of ?

What do I want ?

Learn tools & practices to clarify your intention, keep your focus and express your truth.

2 – Emotion & Boundaries / A new way to feel

You are an emotional and energetic being. Your inner space goes beyond your physicality, and it is important to own your presence. Embodying your Self will support you in navigating the currents of energy and in feeling more comfortable in your social interactions.

In this second step, you will be guided to embody your energy presence and strengthen your space.

How to keep centred in all situations ?

How to manage the emotional flow ?

How to be me among others ?

Learn tools and practices to cleanse and protect your Self’s space, set your boundaries and navigate the emotional currents feeling safe and supported.

3 – Relationships & Communication / A new way to relate

When you are transforming, your senses are heightened and you may discover new truths about yourself. These changes can create discomfort in your relationships ; the new you are experiencing may be difficult for you to comprehend and articulate. You may also be realising that your social habits need to be redefined.

In this third step we are focusing on our communication and social interactions.. You will be guided to reshape the way you relate with others from a place of compassion and acceptance.

How to communicate about my transformation ?

How to act according to my evolving truth ?

How to honour my Self in my relationships ?

Learn tools and practices to communicate your truth, to clarify your needs and to enhance your relationships.

4 – Stability & Discipline / A new way to care

Your transformation will take you in high’s and low’s as you are discovering your authentic Self. The journey will shed your layers to unveil your vulnerability and activate your power. It is unsettling and it is beneficial to create your own Self-care discipline that can adapt anytime and anywhere to sustain your evolution.

In this fourth step, you will be guided to create spacetime for your Self-care anytime and anywhere.

How do I sustain my Self discipline ?

How can I Self practice in all circumstances ?

How can I care for others while caring for myself ?

Learn tools and practices to keep disciplined, to self-care in all situations, and to sustain your energy levels while caring for others.

5 –Purifying & Regenerating / A new way to heal

Your transformation happens on all levels and all parts of your Self. As you are practicing new techniques to enhance your wellbeing, you will create a new space for your body to enlighten. Your tensions will relax and blocked emotions will come up to the surface. It can trigger worries and fears when your body starts releasing. It is important for you to open to your new sensations and detach from pre-conceived ideas about health and healing.

In this fifth step, you will be guided to comprehend the mechanism of release and also how to facilitate your healing process.

How do I rest and depressurize ?

How do I heal ?

How do I regenerate ?

Learn tools & practices to feel comfortable in your release, to heal yourself and to trust your renewal.

6 – Perception & Focus / A new way to vision

Your transformation will guide you to open to new ways of being and doing. You will explore different facets of reality and develop new understandings of what is. As you embody more your sensitivity, you will perceive more details. Your senses are opening and it can be overwhelming.

In this sixth step, you will be guided to develop your intuition, activate your power of vision and stay grounded in all situations.

How to maintain my clarity when I see so much ?

How to stay tuned with my inner guidance ?

How do I keep centred while expanding ?

Learn tools & practices to re-align, strengthen your focus and clarify your inner guidance.

7 – Trust & Play / A new way to experience life

Your transformation is forever evolving, you will always meet the new and experience the surprises of life. You know you don’t know. You also know you have gained knowledge, skills and accomplished a lot already. Now is time to leap with faith and play with life. You are alive and you are a miracle !

In this seventh step, you will be guided to walk your spirit.

How do I celebrate my uniqueness ?

How do I embody my vision ?

How do I own my life ?

Learn tools and practices to surrender, to act your faith and play with what is.


I present this program weaving theory and practice ; mental work and sensitive experiences. This journey is for you to become aware of your own transformation process as you are transforming. I hold a safe space for you to liberate the resistances to your expansion. You will gain the tools and keys to sustain your self-realization. The essence of this program is to adapt to whom is receiving it.

You deserve to be your unique self and

take your rightful place inside our society.

I shape this program for your group ; it can be organised in many ways. To book this program for a group or private. Contact me here

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