How do I care for myself?

I listen.

When I face myself, it creates waves of change.

Facing myself means I listen to my inner voice and accept what it says.

My inner voice expresses itself through me.

If you hear yourself say I’m stressed or I feel pressured or I’m tired…this is a sign to listen to. This is guiding you to know what to do with yourself.

The first step is to acknowledge yourself.

Yes I am not feeling good and it’s ok. I accept my state and I act to make myself feel better.

I am my own priority.

The pressure shows you there is a disharmony at play: how you act is not in rythm with how you truly feel.

Example: Saying I’m tired and going out to a social event. Saying I need to take care of myself and sparking a cigarette. Saying I want to rest and staring at your screen.

I slow down.

It’s time to work for your own harmony.

Your mind and your body feeling at ease with each other.

To do that, follow the signs. All is here to show you who you are and where to bring your focus.

Being honest with myself guides my everyday life.

Listen to how you feel now, right now, and act this way.

If you don’t know, take a quiet walk around your home and see what comes up.

If your mind is with dark thoughts:

Take them out: Write with a pen and paper. Everyday.

These thoughts are usually taking our minds away to past and future and unknown realities. So focus on now:

Bring back yourself here: practice meditating.

The body needs care: create your discipline to start your day with yourself. And practice everyday.

Creating the change for yourself is about learning how to care for yourself. It’s an every moment studying process.

I notice the sign, I act.

Don’t overthink and dwell in questionings. Just do it.

Then you’ll see.

Allow yourself to be in the moment.

Allow yourself to care for yourself.

This is strenght.

Sometimes it is asking you to be directive.

I say no to this habit to practice this new habit.

Because when we create a new discipline of self care, we don’t need extra time. We integrate it in our daily moves.


Instead of smoking a cigarette, I allocate this time to breathing consciously.

Instead of watching a screen, I put on music and stretch.

I create my harmony.

At every moment, remember you are doing it for yourself. Remember it’s a learning process. Remember your evolution.

Step by step. Day by Day.

Enjoy your progress.

I love you,


Picture: The tree grows from it center.

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