Signs – See only love

Aloha lovers,

I’m on one of my beaches 😁 enjoying what I have here and now. I am visiting my friends in Otres, I’ve moved out a month ago and it’s new to be here as a visitor. My ex-house has been destroyed and it feels good. I wanted it to be destroyed so my wish has come true. When I went to see it, I felt clarity. I am at peace 🙏

There are infinite signs on your path. learn to open your mind to notice them. Learn their languages and how to connect them into a message to support your way.

Another story about translating our languages of wisdom.

Today is 12/12 and numerology has many stories for us. What I want to share is that you don’t need to know all the stories. You can create your own.

Today, I observe the month and day’s numbers are the same so I choose to see it as an auspicious day for WOW. So I focus on wow and wow happens when I do for myself.

Yes today is a special day and it always feels special when I take time for myself.

I decide, today I love myself 😍

Whatever is happening, I love myself first.

Whatever is happening…..whatever is the outside….I love myself.

From a place of love and compassion I can see love and compassion everywhere.

Inside I see love so now when I project outside, I project love 😉

Sounds cool to me so I apply 😍

Enjoy now 😘

More inspiration:

I love you and support your experiences 💖🙏🦄


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