Scorpio New Moon 2020 – 14/15 November

From the depths of the well, I revisit my past,

A past made of joy and pain. A past I overcame.

I realize my accomplishments. All I did, all I have.

I let go of who I was to give space to who I am.

Now my focus is clear,

I choose light, I choose love.

I am.

How are you feeling?

This last week leading to this new moon in Scorpio has been a walk in darkness. I met with the ghosts of my past and it felt I was there again. I was in the situations that made me suffer but also triggered my transformation. It faced me with all the obstacles I overcame. It helped me to see myself with more clarity. I know that all I did lead me where I am today. I realize how strong I am. A strength based in my vulnerability.

We all have this past which is part of us. Nonetheless it is not who we are today. We have to stop dragging what happened before to allow ourselves the space to create new. And also to give us the chance to surprise ourselves with our new creations.

The Scorpio energy is guiding us on a journey of death and rebirth. It is showing us our own pressure and heaviness. Don’t let yourself drown in the shadows of your self. Observe all that you did and how you are where you are today thanks to yourself. You have made it, you are alive. To lighten up, cut the chords of attachment that are pushing you down.

Feeling in the depths of yourself can be overwhelming. It’s like you can’t breathe, you can’t see where is what, a feeling of being lost invades you. But you are not lost because you are right here on earth. Come back inside your human body to allow yourself to breathe. Care for the tasks of your daily life. Keep it simple. And each time your thoughts are going out of yourself, recenter and focus on your task at hand. Don’t let yourself dwell in fear and shame because it will make your experience of self-transformation uncomfortable. This experience of depressurization is part of the cycle of life. We have to let go to be able to rebirth as the seasons of our nature.

We are also coming out of the Mars retrograde which started on September 9th (more about it here) and we are still in this 2020 year of self-revolution. It is all happening on time. After this period of reset, you will soon feel the power to act again for the creation of the new. Our lifetime is made of different cycles and it is important to let yourself adapt to the moment.

Chill out.

Take the time to cook and to re-organise your space. take the time to sing, draw and gaze at the sky. Take the time to connect with your loved ones and your soul family.

Accept where you are now and do with what you have.

Free your flow of love.

Day by day, focus on the light and trust your faith.

And if you’re in distress, please call someone to just express, a family member, a friend, this new person you’ve just met. Allow yourself to let it out, to express. Stop holding it all inside. De-pressure.

The path of transformation is the path to your liberation.

I love you,


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