Energy report – Saggitarius Season 2021

Guided by Now, I sit and start typing the message channeling through me. I discover it as I word it. Our flow is unique and magic and I wish for you to experience your own power.

Here is my guidance for Now.

May this message reach the Seekers.

We change our way of living by practicing meditation, yoga, conscious breathing, affirmations, journaling and more. We work actively on healing and raising our consciousness. We experience our change and how the process of self-evolution manifest day by day. We learn so much about everything and have regular realisations. Our way of living is transforming more and more. Every step we make is felt and appreciated, we integrate gratitude into our present moment. Life lightens up and it’s amazing to feel more oneness within.

We have a magical power, it’s exhilirating to feel it flowing through. Not easy all the time to contain and channel but we learn. It feels also very powerful at times. Sometimes we even tame it because we feel like exploding, we feel it’s too much, we feel it’s unadapted to our social envirronment. We may think our voice is too different to be heard and accepted. There are many stories we can create to shush ourself and justify hiding ourself. Is it really what we want ? Now that we have reached such a level of consciousness and self-mastery, we are still naturally ascending because we are beings evolving and our nature won’t stop because of fear and social resistances. The only thing that can happen is blocking up our mind which results in tensions in the body and stressful thinking.

Yes we have grown and worked on ourselves so much and it feels it is never ending doesn’t it ?

If you feel tired and depleted by the situation, please know that you are doing great.

The trick to keep going on your path of enlightenment is to know it is a journey. One day we have to simply surrender. One day we have to give full trust to ourself to navigate life. It is a new way and it is a leap of faith into the unknown. An unknown that happens at every breath because we know that life is surprising and unexpected events happen unexpectedly.

Let go of the discipline. let go of the perfectionism. Let go of the healthy habits. Let go of trying to understand it all. Let go of our new way of thinking. Let go of trying. Let go of efforts. Let go and surrender.

As I am writing these words, a little grey spider is bouncing on my chest. Cutie reminder of our magic. I see the spider has a message of exploring our own net. We are divine beings, we are natural beings, we are human beings, we are starseeds, we are so many things. We can play so many roles and invent new ones everyday. But are we exploring our own multidimentsionnality ? Are we adventuring ourselves in the unknown with faith ?

How am I acting my faith ?

What kind of explorer am I ?

Am I authorizing my Self to shine its uniqueness ?

You are unique and your light has a specific glow other lights don’t have. You too, you too and you too.

We are all shiny bright stars.

Observe how kids take their own place in a group, just doing how they feel, going towards what attract them. They are going for it, they are experiencing. Some of us may have been reprimanded a lot in our childhood, some of us may have been raised with violence, some of us may have not have had any attention… No matter your childhood, you are now here and alive so at some point on your journey you made your way. Even if it feels sometimes that you are bending for others or not doing what you want to. Remember life is a journey and you are evolving at your unique pace. You have the choice to think and do your own way. You have the choice to step outside your comfort zone trusting your Self.

I wish for you to celebrate the unique extraordinary being you are. Yes you are ! Thanks to you I am discovering new because your life is simply different than mine.

You are unique, I am unique.

Our social life is magical. It is always an adventure into the unknown. We receive surprises, we learn new, we practice new, we do the unexpected all the time. Can you see how every day is bringing its magic ? Can you accept the new with an open mind ?

Can you feel the unthinkable ?

Ah ! Ah !

Play with what is.

Create your own stories.

Act for your dreams.

May Peace guide your next step,

Océanie G. Albrand

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