Mindset – Don’t be sorry, be sexy

Don’t be sorry, be sexy

That’s what I answer people who are sorry. Or even sometimes I just say no to their sorryness.

Observe how often you say “I’m sorry”. Observe how unconscious this expression has become.

This is ridiculous and saying it automatically is ridiculous too.

Are you sorry for yourself? Are you sorry for something that is not your responsibility? Are you sorry about the past you?

Being sorry for yourself in the past is not love.

Being sorry for someone else’s behaviour is nonsense. It’s not you so why are you stepping in to take a blame that doesn’t exist?

When you’re sorry, I feel a non pleasurable feeling inside my body. When you’re sorry, I feel you blocking your own being. When you’re sorry, I feel you canceling your own existence.

You’ve just done something, own it. You are in a situation which is not perfect for your own standards, accept it. Life is always changing and bringing us new experiences so be with what is now.

Enjoy the moment the way it is.

Stop trying to change the circumstances by being sorry. It happened, it’s happening, it’s all good.

Yes, it’s annoying me when you say I’m sorry for no reason. Because I feel how you block yourself inside and it’s not a nice feeling. I want you to breathe and accept who you are now. I want you to see that we are all in an infinite motion and what happened is past.

So own yourself for who you are. Accept the situation. Accept your behaviours.

I accept myself.

Now each time you hear yourself being sorry (out loud or inner loud), counterbalance with compassion.

I love myself for who I am.

Our words hold vibrations. When you change what you transmit, you change your surroundings. When you accept who you are, you vibrate acceptance and people around you benefit from it.

Stop using the words “I’m sorry” from now on and experiment the change.

Your existence is a blessing.

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I love you,

Océanie 💖

Picture: cloudy, rainy, sunny or else, the sky is what is and we love it for its infinity of creations 😉

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